Grand Tour in Europe: creativity, innovation, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue - PARIS

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Organizers will provide a very detailed program and every useful information about the preparation of the course, his development, his documentation and report. Many high quality educational resources already exist on standard or electronic supports (educational sheets, books, CD, website:

The course is designed for teachers, educators, trainers, who want to update and improve their profession, through a full week of study and experimentation of an effective teaching method based on research, action and training. The course is an opportunity of an intellectual and emotional travel, a way of telling through texts and images a very emotional transversal experience, in important places of the European culture. During the last years, we have lost our conviction that we could control our territory and we assisted to a migratory process that will mix the frontiers of territories, the same used to orientate our geographies. Traditions and identities now blend to give birth an ethic which, as it dissolves bounders and convictions, is becoming the ethic of the traveller, linked to experience, looking for the centre of what Kant called “starry sky”. The participants at the training, focused on the strategy “Europe 2020”, might deepen the following aspects:
- Innovation and creativity to ensure the effectiveness of “Triangle of knowledge” (education, research, innova- tion).
- Innovative teaching methods for intercultural dialogue and participation based on a cross-sectorial approach.
- New places in which to express the active citizenship, as the plural and pluralist notion at the base of the intercul- tural life, opening new horizons and new ways to practice a local, national, European and International level the participatory democracy process;
- Promotion and creation of learning partnership between schools, companies and the civil society.

The course will have theoretic meetings, visits, seminaries and practical activities. This method will lead to a realization of a formative path overall thanks to the participants that will finally appreciate the didactic value of a new learning method, deeply transversal in his approach, that mainly leads to a new point of view, focusing on the cultural interaction, and also trains to the documentary production and creativity tools, to promote the creation of strong
links between people and territory. This method gives to teachers and educators an important educational tool, both in terms of content and knowledge and in terms of awareness of safeguarding cultural heritage in Europe and worldwide. Activities related to the recognition and preservation of diversity and its various forms of expression, promoting better mutual understanding between cultures and peoples.

The follow-up of the training will be proposed to the trainees in the following way:
- Elaboration during the stage of network projects;
- Follow up of implementation of the projects in the scho- ols through the website;
- Mutualisation of the educational approach: sending of documentation (texts, educational sheets, exhibition, photographs, videos) with the use of collaboration through the website (blog, collective production of knowledge, auto-evaluation of the course);
- Networking of the works (in order to elaborate new projects Erasmus +).

Course organiser
Laboratorio del cittadino Onlus
PARIS, France

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Attended 25.07.2016 - 30.07.2016

Very well organized and conducted with interesting thematic visits and workshops. Well done...

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Attended 25.07.2016 - 30.07.2016

The opportunity to exchange experiences , methods and knowledge has been precious: the course was really a way to open my mind and gave me ideas to improve my teaching. I Hope this will be the first of other chances of mobility.

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Attended 25.07.2016 - 30.07.2016

I gladly participated in this course . It was a very interesting course , with instructors highly trained and very open . I met great teachers from Italy, Spain , Portugal and even we have developed a draft educational partnership with one of the teachers in Italy. Thanks Ms. Mariela and Mr. Simone for the patience they showed each of us .

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Attended 25.07.2016 - 30.07.2016

The course was very, very interesting, the group that attended it was fabulous.

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Laboratorio del cittadino Onlus
Laboratorio del cittadino Onlus
Rating: 4/543 users


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