JOYFUL ENGLISH COURSE - Basic English or upgrade English language course for teachers and educators

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Joyful English, as it says the same title, wants to be a pleasant moment to learn English and enjoy learning even learning a language can be like hiking a mountain for many people.

Joyful English expresses the spirit of the proposed program structured in short sessions and animated with non formal education activities.

Depending of the level of participants, the course is designed for teachers, students, school directors or adults in general with short intensive sessions lived in different contexts, indoor and outdoor, in formal learning spaces and in totally informal environments.

The core content remains the language divided in:
- grammar (lexicon, phonetics and phonology, syntax and contest)
- reading
- writing
- listening
- speaking
- communicating

JUMP counts with a local context, Soverato, which offers indoor and outdoor spaces, including natural spaces.

Participants will be involved in workshops and group activities (Project Based Learning) facilitated by trainers, native English or with an English proficiency level, using a captivating attitude and a smart approach.

Working together and using colours, paper, didactic tools, new media and technologies the class will be an active player of the training being asked to take the leadership and be creative. The flow of the training is liquid and flexible permitting to all participants also to express themselves and share learning and teaching experiences.

Day 1 (Generally Sunday): arrival day and welcome by organizers. Lodging in the structure

Day 2: Meeting point by Villa Gabriella International. Presentation of the training team, briefing of the proposed program. Walking to the city center (Outdoor social activity). Icebreaking games with sea view. Getting to know each others.
Observing Soverato. Landscape and urban development. Public description and self expression of feelings and emotions. The Mission Impossible Game. Final debriefing.

Day 3: Indoor lesson. English from the basic rules to the actual worldwide use.
Grammar while moving. Use of theater and music. Video-learning. The wall of expression.

Day 4: Sintax and language building. Learning while reading and singing. Use of media and ICT tools to learn languages.

Day 5: Outdoor consolidation of learning. Increase lexicon while moving around, checking translation with mobile devices, taking notes, making pictures, team work and game based learning. Group competition. Exploring and discovering Soverato.

Day 6: Listening and repeating. Key words and creativity in language learning. Communication exercises. Impro-workshop (Improvisation). Excursion in group: listening to the guide. Participants make foto and video reporting creating final products with mobile apps.

Day 7: Embed learning: video evaluation and non formal group outdoor evaluation. Social moment and free time. Shopping time in Soverato.

Day 8: Departure of participants.

This course can be potentially extended with more days up to 2 or 3 weeks.

Course organiser
JUMP Association International Teachers Training Academy
Soverato, Italy

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Très bon accueil, chaleureux... Possibilité de loger sur place (propreté +++/petit-déj +++). Très bonne organisation par l'organisme Cours de langue (anglais) Atelier jeux de rôles en interaction, travail de groupe, échange de pratiques pédagogiques Visite de la localité (immersion en anglais avec les participants), implication des acteurs locaux autour de l'écologie. Semaine d'échanges très agréable et formatrice.

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Accueil chaleureux et facilité d'accès au stage car possibilité d'hébergement sur place. Découverte du milieu local, travail en petit groupe , échange autour de nos expériences dans nos pays respectifs. Une semaine très agréable, bien organisée.

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Accueil chaleureux, possibilité d'hébergement sur place. découverte du milieu local, travail en groupe de 3 ou 4 professeurs. Echange autour de nos expériences dans nos pays respectifs. Une semaine très agréable, bien organisée.

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JUMP Association International Teachers Training Academy
JUMP Association International Teachers Training Academy
Rating: 4/56 users


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