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Project Management Spain Erasmus Plus
Organization ID (OID): E10039300

Book your spot with peace of mind in PMS ERASMUS PLUS. Great FLEXIBILITY in these difficult times postponing dates or even refunding course fees in case of force majeure.

E+PMEV course will focus on EXCHANGE PARTNERSHIP PROJECTS in Erasmus +, with special focus on Key Action 2 Erasmus + Projects but MANAGEMENT AND ASSESMENT Key Action 1 project as well. In addition, E+PMEV will give the participants the oportunity to know a new education system and will do PERSONALIZED EDUCATIONAL VISIT TO SCHOOLS to know how they work and to have the chance to create a KA2 project with local centers.

E+PMEV course is aimed for teachers and school staff from pre-school level to primary, secondary, vocational, adult and special needs education, staff of non-government organizations, government and policy makers and company staff. Non-native English trainers expecting participants to have at least B1 level of English proficiency.

You will learn everything about the funding available at Erasmus + Projects, acquiring concrete skills related to the design of a SUCCESSFUL PROJECT, the key words to write the form and manage the project once approved. A practical simulation is carried out for each topic in focus during the European Project Design. Besides, teachers give key knowledge pills every day and motivation activities to participants to put them in action so they can face to write a proposal with success.

E+PMEV course is based on theoretical lessons and presentations of examples of good practice as well as discussions and experience comparisons. The course will have lectures, seminars and workshops to ensure full comprehension and every day assingnment support. Every day will add new information about Key Action Erasmus Plus and will create new links to strenghten future common projects. During the middle of the week all participants will have educational visits to other schools to know in person how other schools work.

Our experienced trainers will support and stimulate the networking and cooperation among participants. We organize networking, cultural, sport and historical activities in order to give participants the opportunity to exchange best-practices and establish professional cooperation and links. These activities are a very good example of how to organise activities in a possible common future KA2 project. In these activities will take part not only participants of the course but also other participant from differents courses attended by the company. The expected training activity has been structured so that the participants can transfer know-how and develop needed skills to create and manage a proposal with real success.

By the end of the course, participants should have an assested proposal for international collaboration action of a partnership project. To ensure that, participants will work on a real application form in order to acquire concrete skills on how to design and apply for a EU-funded project. Furthermore, trainers will make extensive use of evidence-based examples and experiences. In the end of the course, the company will provide the participants an attendance certificate including the detailed information about the course, e.g. title, programme and schedule. In addition, a Europass Mobility Certificate can be added on request.
E+PMEV course covers all the needs of the project cycle from developing the idea, finding the right partners, design a successful project, assesting during all the process –not only at the end– to managing properly and reporting it. In detail, the concrete goals of the course are:
- To improve the quality and the accessibility of European projects in order to foster European integration and excellence in education.
- To empower and to train teachers, education staff and those interested in developing European learning projects to successfully access and manage European funds.
- To know other Educational System and be able to transfer the good practices in a satisfactory way to their own school centers.
- To strengthen European collaboration among –past, present and future– participants in the course and local schools.
- To share experiences of international colaboration and projects from different organizations in order to be more effective in our proposal.
- To give the opportunity for students of the participants to travel around Europe in future years thanks to their succesful KA2 projects created this week.
- To improve English fluency –official language of the course–.

Thanks to this course the participants will:
- Assess and manage propperly their own present KA1 Erasmus + Project and the future KA2 Erasmus + Project.
- Improve their practical skills related to the management of the idea and application process.
- Meet very interesting teachers, acquire great knowledge about other educational system and use great resources.
- Know everything about preparation and management of the financial budgeting and contractual aspects, not only with their National Agency but also with their own partners.
- Learn how they should impact and disseminate the results of the proposal.
- Evaluate the results of their project and move the school towards sustainability in innovative education and international collaboration.
- Make contacts with new partners interested in developing European Projects through specific networking activities.

By the end of the course, each participant should be able to:
- Pass from the idea of a project to write a good proposal.
- Create a great project focused in European priorities and full of imaginative activities.
- Avoid mistakes in writing projects and financial reporting.
- Apply before deadline a suceed proposal considering assesment criteria.
- Manage effectively a KA1 – KA2 European funded project.

It exists a standard indicative daily programme. However, the course can be personalized each week on participants needs and professional profiles.

Generally speaking, managers of the course will receive participants on Sunday evening and give them all course material. During the week it will develop the course with funny lessons and motivated activities to do with students once each participant would be back to your school, paying attention that all participants will have the oportunity to know some new educational systems. That’s why E+PMEV will do personalized educational visit to schools on Tuesday to know how they work and to have the chance to create a KA2 project with local centers. Furthermore, participants will be involved in cultural activities during the week with all actors of differents courses attended by the company. Moreover, on Thursday all participants will be able to explain their own school and KA1 project to all participants and work al together to set up future eTwinnings or even KA2 projects. After that, all of them will have the possibility to enjoy with an optional activity to deepen in the searching of new partners, enjoying a great day full of motivating, gamification, creative, mindfulness and funny activities all together. On Friday, and after once all participants have received all knowledge of the course and to finish a great week, participants could join to an optional lunch or dinner, it depends on the city. Finally, on Saturday morning it will assest the course and will take place a certification ceremony with the deliveration of a video – photo souvenir of the course. Please find below the standard indicative daily programme:

- Meeting and greeting.
- Individual orientation and information about the venue and the city.
- Reception of all course material.
- Brief presentation of the course and its target by the end of the week.

- Brief presentation of the national educational system.
- Remembering KA1 E+: SWOT, 2020 European objetives and activities.
- Life Cycle of European Projects, from the beginning to the end of a project. Roles, tasks and responsibilities in managing your E+ Project.
- Assessing your own KA1 projects to make it easier at the final report.
- Timeline: bulding your own Gannt diagramme.
- Free cultural activity: Discovering the city and its cultural heritage. You will visit Reykjavík center in a guided tour included in course fees.

- Personalized educational visit to schools. Meeting, Job Shadowings and collaborative work. Workshops in pairs and groups, including local schools, to put in practice common ideas of good practices.
- Presentation of concrete EU-funded projects. Best practice in small groups on successful projects planning of KA2 E+.
- Optional visit to Blue Lagoon and relax in hot natural water. Included in optional package of cultural activities.

- Europe 2020 Strategies, Objectives and Priorities. 2014-2020 EU financial framework.
- Criteria of projects assesment: Relevance, Quality both proposal and partners, Impact and Dissemination. Outcomes. Management and quality standards.
- KA201 and KA229 E+ Projects. From SWOT, Priorities and common Activities to Impact, Disseminations and Sustainability. Key questions and its answers.
- Dissemination of your project. European Plus Projects Results Platforms and other Internet sites or Social Networks.
- Discussing group ideas proposed by groups to achieve Europan Objectives. Brainstorming and team building.
- Free cultural activity: Discovering the real style of Icelandic inhabitants. Free entrance to visiting The Pearl, the Number 1 attraction in Reykjavík, a Nature Exploratorium of the Wonders of Iceland. Activity included in course fees.

- Networking activity: Presentation of your own school and your KA1 PROJECT: 5W's. WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY with all participants from the course and other structured courses of the company.
- Networking activity: Guided session to find your best partner for a future JOB SHADOWING and/or KA229 PROJECT.
- Optional visit to Golden Circle to see Eurasian and North American tectonic plate boundaries in Thingvellir National Park – Geysir Geothermal Area – Gulfoss Waterfall. We will meet us in Reykjavík after lunch and we will spend all afternoon and part of the evening admiring marvellous places of the Nature. Included in optional package of cultural activities.

- Planning the follow up: future projects together.
- Cooperative groups by priorities and topics. Writing together a KA2 proposal draft and how to get a success one: Tips, tricks and key words.
- Participants speech of their own KA2 project: Needs-Priorities-Objectives-Activities-Impact-Dissemination-Sustainability.
- Additional training session tailored to specific needs, just in case someone needs it.
- Optional dinner in the center of Reykjavík. Networking activity to deepen the relationship between all participants.

- Course evaluation.
- Releasing of official course certifications.
- Presentation of participants’ works.
- Participants departure.

E+PMEV will attend courses during academic course 2020, 2021 and 2022 in following dates:

- From Sunday 11th October to Saturday 17th.
- From Sunday 18th October to Saturday 24th.
- From Sunday 13th December to Saturday 19th.
- From Sunday 25th October to Saturday 31st.

- From Sunday 24th January to Saturday 30th.
- From Sunday 21st March to Saturday 27th.
- From Sunday 10th October to Saturday 16th.
- From Sunday 17th January to Saturday 23rd.
- From Sunday 11th April to Saturday 17th.
- From Sunday 17th October to Saturday 23rd.
- From Sunday 14th March to Saturday 20th.
- From Sunday 3rd October to Saturday 9th.
- From Sunday 31st October to Saturday 6th November.
- From Sunday 12th December to Saturday 18th.

- From Sunday 9th January to Saturday 15th.
- From Sunday 10th April to Saturday 16th.
- From Sunday 9th October to Saturday 15th.
- From Sunday 16th January to Saturday 22nd.
- From Sunday 13th February to Saturday 19th.
- From Sunday 16th October to Saturday 22nd.
- From Sunday 27th February to Saturday 5th March.
- From Sunday 2nd October to Saturday 8th.
- From Sunday 23rd October to Saturday 29th.
- From Sunday 30th October to Saturday 5th November.
- From Sunday 11th December to Saturday 17th.

The cost of the seven day course is 490€, including course fee, certification and support fee, cultural and sport activities in the city and organizational cost for educational visit schools. The company offers an Optional cultural package to deepen in relationship between all participants.

E+PMEV training course is tailored to be fully funded by Erasmus + to teachers, trainers, headmasters and any other staff of education organizations. Furthermore trainers can help in Key Action 1 Application to ensure that participants can get the grant and could be eligible to receive an Erasmus + grant that cover all the costs of the course.

The company will do during the SUMMER and EASTER GREAT NETWORKING WEEKS, where all participants of training courses will participate together in cultural and funny activities. Those GREAT NETWORKING WEEKS will involve participants from all courses of the company, in order to connect everything as educational departments of a same school. Moreover, all courses includes some cultural, sport and historical networking activities during the week. All activities will involve participants from other courses of the company in order to create a great environment and to find the perfect partner for futures eTwinning projects or even to collaborate together in a KA2 Erasmus Plus Project.

We aim to get an effective follow-up to stimulate peer networking, to keep in touch and to share opinions, experiences and practices for unlimited time with this tool and other different ways of connection, like e-mail, individual Skype calls, Facetime, telephone, WhatsApp or Facebook Group ‘Nameofthecourse Europe Group’. Furthermore PMS ERASMUS PLUS will upload documents, videos and photos of the course in icloud, Dropbox or Google drive and will encourage to all participants to share their own creation to have the maximun information in common benefits. In addition, photos of the training course and a sum-up video that can be used for visibility and dissemination purposes.

Specifically speaking, on Thursday all participants are invited to spend a great networking day in some relevant place of the city. This activity day will connect participants of differents courses to match perfect partners for future relationships in European Projects. Moreover, in the end of the week, all actors of the different courses will be asked to participate in a lunch in some special place of the city. All networking activities are designed to deepen the relationship between all participants.

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