Developing Mental and Physical Strength: from Mindfulness to Self-Defense - Florence

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Stress and conflicts of different nature arise all the time. This is why you need strategies and techniques that help you stay healthy and cope with such situations.

A major objective of this course is prevention and immunization. A strong and flexible organism is not likely to be tumbled over so easily by external forces. After having identified what those stress factors are, your self- and body-awareness will be improved. The connection between mind and body plays an extremely important role here. This is why you are provided with mindful breathing and natural movement techniques which have a highly beneficial effect on your physical strength as well as psychological well-being and resilience.

Subsequently, a crucial aim of this course is to help you regaining and maintaining balance. Food-intake plays a very importand role here, since we may work against our own health without being aware of it.
While the first part of this course is focused on the self, how to be more balanced and flexible in different respects, the second part, however, is about extreme confrontations with a violent aggressor. Such severe conflicts seem to be on the rise and if they dawn, you have to save yourself because no one else will do it for you. Thus, you should be aware of possible threats to avoid them. Prevention, again, is crucial. De-escalative body language and talk also play an important role. If nothing helps and running is no option, you need to know how to defend yourself relentlessly.
This part of the course provides you with basic, yet very effective techniques to´manage fear and defend yourself.
Despite of the harsh nature of some contents, fun will play a major role in this course!

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Europass Teacher Academy
Florence / Firenze, Italy

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