Digital Marketing Training for Educational Staff

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This hands-on, practical one week course is intended for teachers and staff of educational institutions who would like to promote their classes on the web, improve communication with their potential course participants and build strong online marketing channels. A wide range of free available technologies is introduced and explored during this training course.

Detailed programme of the 1 week training period:

Timetable: 09.00 – 14.00 daily with a 20-minute coffee break in the morning
The participants will start every day with 2 hours of seminar and workshop, after the coffee break, they will work on tasks connected to the daily topic.
The course is given in English.

Day 1 - What Makes Great Educational Websites

- Introduction to Digital Marketing for Schools – 1 hr Seminar
- What Makes A Great Website – 1 hr Seminar
-Best Practice School Websites – 1 hr Demonstration
- Conducting Your Own Website Audit – 1 hr Workshop
- Writing Your Own Website Audit Reports – 2 hr Practical Training

Following our introductory seminar on Digital Marketing, day one will consist of different modules, each related to creating effective websites.
First, you’ll learn key elements of what makes a good website, followed by a demonstration of exceptional school websites.
You will conduct your own website audit in a workshop and write your website audit report. Being able to write a useful audit report will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your site’s current effectiveness.

Day 2 - SEO Strategy

- The Key Elements of SEO – 1 hr Seminar
- Onsite SEO Analysis of Your Website – 1 hr Demonstration
- Ranking Status Report & Keyword Research – 1 hr Demonstration
- Conducting Your Own Keyword Research – 1 hr Workshop
- Onsite Optimisation with Keywords – 1 hr Demonstration
- Creating Your Own SEO Strategy – 1 hr Workshop

On day 2, we’ll teach you the essentials of Search Engine Optimisation. Moreover, we will analyze your website and you will learn all about keyword research.
After the seminar introducing the key elements of SEO, we’ll show you in a live demonstration how to search for the right keywords and conduct a Ranking Status Report.
You’ll wrap up your day with hands-on practical training, where you will work independently to look for keywords relevant to your own website and also create your own SEO strategy.

Day 3 - Attracting Visitors Through Better Content

- Introduction to Content Marketing – 1 hr Seminar
- (Copy-)Writing for the Web – 1 hr Seminar
- The Content Quality Audit – 1 hr Demonstration
- Content Planning based on a Keyword Research – 1 hr Workshop
- Creating a Content Strategy – 1 hr Demonstration

On day 3, we’ll teach you the concepts of content marketing and how to implement these strategies in your business. You will learn to write in such a way that your audience will love to consume your content.
After the seminar introducing the key elements of Content Marketing, we’ll show you how to conduct a content quality audit in order to optimize your content and to create a strategy.
At the end of the day during the workshop you will create your own content strategy.

Day 4 - Social Media Success on Autopilot

- Social Media & The Right Platform for You – 1 hr Seminar
- Your Social Media Activities on Autopilot – 1 hr Demonstration
- Creating a Social Media Audit – 1 hr Demonstration
- Conducting Your Own Social Media Audit – 1 hr Workshop
- Creating a Social Media Strategy – 1 hr Demonstration
- Creating Your Own Social Media Strategy – 1 hr Workshop

Social Media is one of the most useful techniques in increasing website traffic in today’s marketing environment. On day 4 you’ll learn how to optimise your social media efforts in order to get the most out of this free marketing technique.
We’ll show you the best social media practices and platforms for your business, as well as powerful tools to put your social media activities on autopilot.
You will be conducting your very own social media audit in a workshop and will use this data to create the social media strategy for your institution.

Day 5 - When and How to Use Paid Online Advertisement

- Landing Pages as Parts of Paid Advertisment Campaigns – 1 hr Seminar
- Best Practice Examples of Paid Advertisement Campaigns – 1 hr Demonstration
- Let’s Create a Facebook Ad Campaign – 1 hr Demonstration
- Create Your Own Facebook Ad Campaign – 2 hrs Workshop
- Feedback Session, Testimonials, Certificates – 1 hr Session

On the last day, we will show you what landing pages (instead of normal web pages) are and why you must use them.
That day also tackles the topic of paid online advertising and why it can be useful to you. We’ll create a Facebook ad campaign from scratch in a live demonstration and apply the learnings to your business or institution in a practical workshop.


- Working with Google Docs: creating folders and documents, uploading files, communication with Google Hangouts, and so forth…
- Improvement of the written content: layout, writing attention-grabbing headlines, correcting the grammatical mistakes, include keywords
- Optimizing landing pages
- SEO Optimization for Yoast Plugin
- Publishing and optimizing the layout of the written content
- Image research tasks for specific topics
- Working with Canva, photo designing and editing tool
- Preparation of Social Media graphics
- Preparation of Social Media Plan
- Content audit
- Social media audit
- Feedback Sessions

Course organiser
FU International Academy Tenerife
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

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