On Request: Dyslexia and EFL teaching

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Target Groups:
Teachers of EFL, language coaches and remedial teachers in primary, secondary, special and vocational education.

Course aims
This course will familiarize participants with the characteristics of the dyslexic student in general and they will gain insight as to the enormous obstacles dyslexics are confronted with when/while learning English. Participants will get acquainted with interventions and didactical procedures to address the variety in educational needs of their dyslexic students and learn how to make use of ICT-tools.
Delegates will deepen their knowledge on:
how reading and spelling problems can influence the achievements and behaviour of students in the English classroom
how dyslexia can have a negative effect on English vocabulary learning
why these students miss out on fluent reading, resulting in lower or even lacking text comprehension skills
how to approach pupils with dyslexia and address their fundamental problems with recognizing English speech sounds and spelling patterns
how to support them to build effective routines for vocabulary learning
how to address reading fluency issues
how to offer alternative or compensatory ways of testing language skills
Delegates will be able to use a range of assistive technologies.
– find the right digital tools for enhancing phonemic awarenes
– support and assist vocabulary learning
– find & select relevant high frequency wordlists
– check their own texts and vocabulary lists on word frequency
– make informed choices with regard to various supportive digital tools

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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