Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence and Bullying Prevention - Berlin

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This course has been created for teachers who want to guide their classes through the inevitable tensions, relational struggles and aggressive behavior among students which can inhibit learning and create an unfavourable classroom environment.

Participants will learn to distinguish between conflict, different forms of bullying and alternative forms of aggression which can become detrimental to academic motivation, self-image and community building. Teachers will explore the healthy aspects of conflict and learn strategies which encourage more effective communication and social skills, through a range of activities easily adapted to any classroom.

Tools such as Peer Mediation, Circle Time, Active Listening and Reformulation are key to creating an environment which accepts conflict as a potential opportunity for growth. Through hands-on activities, participants will increase their understanding of group dynamics and their own ability to model and encourage active listening, empathy and emotional literacy among children, pre-adolescents and adolescents: today's students and tomorrow's active citizens.

By the end of the course, teachers will enjoy a greater awareness of their students' emotional needs and their potential for social and individual growth and will acquire specific tools and strategies to promote a positive climate in school and prevent destructive relational patterns.

- Conflict: causes, manifestations and how to turn it into a teaching moment;
- Practical approaches for incorporating conflict management into curriculum;
- Effective, practical communication tools for better school relations and community building;
- Emotional and social intelligence skills - how to enhance and foster them in yourself and others;
- Relational aggression and bullying - school-wide approaches for awareness and prevention;
- Hands-on, practical activities to favor wellbeing, group cohesion, sense of belonging in the school community;

All our courses include 1 City Guided Tour of and a 1 day Excursion to be chosen among options.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Berlin, Germany

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