Contact seminar UN Development Goals (teachers)

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Two days contact seminar focusing on international cooperation, class/student exchanges, Erasmus+ and knowledge about how to work with the international dimension in the daily teaching within lower secondary school education – pupils age 12-18.

Riga, Latvia
13-14th of November 2019

The aim of the seminar is to qualify the international dimension at secondary schools - how to work internationally, how to use ICT as communication tools between students from all over Europe, and where to apply for funding. Finding partners and getting to know each other is often the first step; therefore, The Danish Efterskole Association is arranging another contact seminars for the Danish efterskole teachers to meet European colleagues.

European lower secondary school teachers and leaders (students age 12-18)

09.00 Official welcome and short introduction of participants

09.30 The UN Development goals and how to teach them

10.30 Coffee break

10.50 The UN Development Goals – hands on…

12.00 Lunch
12.45 The Nordplus program for schools

13.15 Break

13.30 The Erasmus+ program for schools
KA1 - European professional development activities
KA2 - Strategic partnerships

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 Examples of Erasmus+ and Nordplus projects
Best practice and hands on experiences with Erasmus+ and Nordplus Junior.
Short presentations by experienced participants.

16.30 The project proposals are being elaborated
The participants have posted notes on the seminar blog with their different project proposals

17.15 End of program

18.00 -20.00 Dinner and cultural event

Thursday 14th November 2019
09.00 eTwinning – online collaboration and communication using TwinSpace

10.00 Break

10.30 Examples of student exchanges and online cooperation
Best practice and hands on experiences with student exchanges and online cooperation.
Short presentations by experienced participants.

11.15 Group work - future cooperation

12.15 Lunch

13.00 Group work - future cooperation

15.00 Evaluation and hand out of seminar certificates

15.30 End of seminar and coffee

Practical information
Where Hotel in Riga
When 13-14th of November 2019
Registration Latest 1st October 2019 to Jakob Clausager Jensen,

Course fee 0 Euro - including dinner and cultural event Wednesday evening.
(transport, meals and hotel not included - each participant pay for meals and hotel themselves - several local participants).

Organiser The Danish Efterskole Association - read more
Jakob Clausager Jensen, head of international relations,, +45 22361153
Efterskoleforeningen, Vartov, Farvergade 27 H, 2.
1463 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Course organiser
Efterskoleforeningen (eTwinning verified)
Riga, Latvia

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