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Identify cyberbullying and the current safeguarding issues in using new technologies
Recognise the indicators of abuse for children and young people who access the internet
State the relevant legislation and guidance in relation to safeguarding and new technologies
Recognise cyberbullying and the importance of developing resilience of children and young people who access the internet
Establish effective practical safeguarding strategies for children and young people in their use of new technologies
Identify how to respond to and report safeguarding concerns related to the use of the internet.

Teachers of primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools
Adult education teachers
Teacher trainers, careers officers, educational guides and counsellors
Headmasters/principals/managers of schools and organisations offering adult education or vocational education

The methodology employed is predominantly active,
Using of case studies,
Practical examples,
Group work and
Activities focused on the personal and professional interests of participants.
Trainers Skills:
Experienced trainer in this area
International trainer

Detailed Schedule
Day 1
Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue.
Icebreakers, introduction to the course.
Identification of cyberbullying
Learn the definition of cyberbullying
Day 2
The characteristics of cyberbullying
Understand the different types of cyberbullying

Day 3
Learn the signs of cyberbullying
The Law in relation to cyberbullying

Day 4
Cyberbullying and disabled young people and those with special needs education
Visit to a school

Day 5
Know what to do if you suspect a child is being cyberbullied
Learn about the technologies used by cyberbullies
The Cause and Effect of Vulnerability

Day 6
Building Assertive and Confidence Building Techniques
Body Language; Why and How?
Teaching the difference between Passive, Aggressive and Assertive
Reflection of Body Anger Zones
Positive Conflict Resolution Skills and Anger Management Techniques

Day 7
Responding to cyberbullying
Preventing cyberbullying

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Braga, Portugal

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