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Through the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan and the Communication on Education Redesign, the European Commission has highlighted the need to integrate business education into all areas of education, including non-formal learning.
In order to support productivity and growth in Europe, it is vital to invest in education and training. Europe needs creative and innovative entrepreneurs; it also needs a flexible and resilient workforce equipped with the necessary and basic skills. The European Commission recognizes entrepreneurship education as a means of boosting the entrepreneurial spirit of young people.
In order to inspire their students and help them develop a business mindset, teachers need to have a wide range of creativity and entrepreneurship skills; they need a school environment where creativity and risk-taking are encouraged, and where mistakes are considered a learning opportunity.
Our education system is responsible for preparing young people to build successful lives. They should be ready for the wide range of possibilities ahead of them, including working for others, starting their own ventures, and contributing to their communities. All of these options require a depth of knowledge in their chosen discipline, as well as creative problem solving skills, leadership abilities, experience working on effective teams, and adaptability in an ever-changing environment.

- Objectives
Through this course participants will be able:
✓ To be empowered in order to prepare students to identify and address challenges and opportunities.
✓ To be able to transform creative ideas into business action.
✓ To learn which skills and competences should be taught according to EU targets, policies and frameworks.
✓ To plan and animate effective learning experiences based on skills, knowledge and attitudes.
✓ To learn how to encourage entrepreneurial mindsets.
✓ To design a lesson plan or a project about entrepreneurial skills and important abilities like metacognitive abilities, digital capability, social skills and active citizenship, cultural knowledge and expression.

- Target Groups
Teachers working in primary schools and secondary schools.

-Methods & Tools
Lectures, exercises, discussions, teamwork, role-playing, study visits , interactive activities, group work, discussion and presentations, peer reviews, online games

Day 1
✓ Welcome - Team building activities.
✓ Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue.
✓ Information about the objectives of the training course - Our team contract.
✓ Introduction on entrepreneurship in school education.
✓ Planning an idea and growing a business -Role game (workshop)

Day 2
✓ Business teacher training programs and methods for educated educators –Educational materials and practice in workshop.
✓ The International Junior Achievement Program and EU Policies.
✓ Critical approaching –sharing ideas.

Day 3
✓ Entrepreneurship in school education. Soft skills –Key to the success.
✓ Building soft skills in an Entrepreneurship environment and in the classroom (workshop).

Day 4
✓ Study Visits. Case Study of Youth Entrepreneurship Club in Crete

Day 5
✓ Virtual learning environment for Entrepreneurship Education.
✓ Interactive educational games and open digital recourses.
✓ Business plan" inspired by artwork. Students report on the relationship between art and entrepreneurship and analyze the role of the entrepreneur as a factor (workshop).

Day 6
✓ National Network of Entrepreneurship Teachers. Projects and materials.
✓ Developing the teaching process about creativity and innovation (workshop).
✓ Examples of practices in the context of continuous professional development.
✓ Continuous professional development: basic lessons learned through examples.

Day 7
✓ Erasmus+ materials about the innovation and Entrepreneurship in education.
✓ Course Evaluation.
✓ Certifications.

Course organiser
Erasmus Learn by Oloklirosi

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Provider of the course is a highly professional organization that met the educational needs, moreover offered personal advice and help during our stay in Heraklion. Two teacher trainers who guided us through the course day after day were adequately qualified, professional, and efficient. The individual educational lectures were meaningful and effectively planned and implemented, reflecting on our own experiences. I became acquainted with new methods of entrepreneurial education focused on soft skills. This project was very inspiring and enriching, especially in improving entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. One of the greatest benefits was the opportunity to exchange experience in various topics regarding education with teachers from different countries.

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It was about enterpreneurship education, with a lot of examples from real life, well structured, it gave me ideas how to encorporate enterpreneurial spirit into my math classes.

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Erasmus Learn by Oloklirosi
Erasmus Learn by Oloklirosi
Rating: 4/552 users


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