Child Sexual Abuse

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In order to disseminate and reinforce the implementation of the Council of Europe Treaty (Lanzarote Convention) for the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, the Council of Europe warns that "One in five children" will fall victim of sexual violence!
For the prevention of a particularly heinous phenomenon that has long-term consequences, which affect many aspects of the child's life and psychosocial status, schools should develop a systematic approach that includes action at multiple levels: awareness of teachers, advisory, cooperation with parents and students. To reach the detailed content of the seminar, we utilized all the Council of Europe's information about "One in Five" campaign, the relevant European legislation regarding the protection of children against sexual abuse and preventive actions implemented at European and international level. Therefore we can offer a well structured program that can really help educators deal with this massive but delicate problem.
Participants will:
✓ Acquire new knowledge and skills to improve and promote the physical, mental and social well-being of students combined with the strengthening of their personality.
✓ Adopt effective instructional techniques, intervention and crisis management skills, in order to redefine the approach of sexual violence phenomena, assessing and improving the quality of their educational work.
✓ Inform - activate the community, on the ways of interconnection with local agents for the phenomenon of sexual abuse, in order to equip children and their families with the knowledge and tools to address and report sexual violence.
✓ recognize the signs of sexual abuse, the role of teachers and on how to help children in the prevention of the phenomenon and the revelation of the truth.
- Target Groups
Teachers working in kindergartens, primary schools, lower secondary schools.

- Methods & Tools
Lectures, exercises, discussions, teamwork, role-playing, study visits.

Day 1
✓ Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue.
✓ Icebreakers, Introduction to the Course
✓ The meaning and explanation of child sexual abuse. Identification all those factors that favor the emergence and strengthening of the phenomenon of sexual abuse.
Day 2
✓ Presentation of possible symptoms in children's behavior. Understanding of needs
✓ Understanding of psychosocial problems in children's behavior who are victims of sexual violence at school and family level
✓ Getting familiar with modern methods of prevention of the phenomenon of child sexual abuse
Getting familiar with implementing educational approaches that can be used with ease in everyday educational practice

Day 3
✓ Presentation of CoE campaign "One in Five" for sexual abuse of children
✓ Methods for implementation of the "rule of lingerie" in schools.
✓ Presentation of the campaign "one in five" fairytale «Kiko and the hand».
Activation - interconnection with local operators. Practice

Day 4
✓ Adoption of effective educational techniques and intervention skills and management of crisis situations.
✓ Redefinition of the approach of sexual violence phenomenon
Day 5
✓ Description of characteristics of candidate actors.
✓ Information and sensitization of the local community.
Use the correct media technology for prevention.

Day 6
✓ Study Visits

Day 7
✓ Planning follow up activities, dissemination and implementation of learning outcomes.
✓ Course Evaluation

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