Practicing Coaching Training, 25th Edition - 29th of March - 4th of April 2019

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If you are searching for a training that will boost your people skills in an engaging way and are bored with courses that give you only textbook theory you can google yourself, you may just found something worth investing time in. And if you are also curious what coaching can do for you as a coachee as well as a coach, this is definitely the training for you.

Practicing Coaching is uniquely designed 7-day embodied coaching training that has been tested for more than 20 times with an international crowd, and it works! It is formed as one big coaching session and emphasizes learning by involvement offering a hands-on journey through the methodology of coaching.


It is open for everyone: Teachers, Educators, Team Leaders, HR Experts, Trainers, Youth Workers, People working with people in different contexts

We all have experience in supporting people, either in a professional or a personal setting, and we all know that many times this can be challenging and exhausting, even with years of experience behind. Are you ready to develop a more playful approach?


A variety of tools, techniques and methods will be presented. From the core ones to innovative and digital ones. A technique becomes a skill through practice so, you will have this opportunity and will be able to choose which one you will add to your personal method and identity as a coach.

Inception training

We like to play and what you can expect is a training within a training. You will parallely be immersed in different levels of learning: you as a professional/coach, you as an individual/coachee, you as a peer supervisor. Through reflection groups, supervision groups, coaching sessions and assignment experiments.

Sandwitch method

We are clever and take care that we deliver the training first to your process body memory and once the body has it, it naturally comes up in your rational reasoning as well as practice. This means we serve tasty and digestable sandwiches that look like this: body work - theory - coaching practice.

Embodied approach

Communication is 93% non verbal and this is the reason why all the models we offer in the training are approached both in verbal and non verbal level. The non verbal behavior of a coach concerns posture, movement, voice and breathing. Every part of the training is colored with embodied exercises so you explore and develop an effective embodied coaching behavior.


- Improve your interaction with other people while having more fun and creating different results
- Discover how you can support others through different coaching techniques
- Find your strong points in coaching, work with them
- Develop your own personalized coaching Method
- Understand how the human brain works
- Practice in depth conversation, questioning and observation skills
- Discover the three basic ways you can make intervention
- Learn how to diagnose your coachee, how to start, execute and close a coaching session
- Advance your coaching method while working with peer coaches
- Enjoy the privilege in working with a supervisor
- Get a full book on the Methodology of Coaching and all the Video/audio materials used for future reference
- Detect and handle resistance
- Discover how non-verbal aspects can enrich your communication
- Identify your own obstacles and learn how to turn them into stepping stones
- Explore the opportunity to coach and be coached
- Boost your growth in reflection groups


The training is given in simple and easy to understand English. Translation can also be provided if you inform when you submit your registration form.


The training takes place in Ommen, the Netherlands and is organized in and around the group accommodation of Olde Vechte Foundation, in the building called Olde Vechte.

In the house there are sleeping rooms that can be occupied by 2 to 5 people and the showers and toilets are common on the ground floor. There is a training room and places for recreation. There is a Wi-Fi connection and a washing machine and a dryer that you can use.


€360 General participation fee
€460 Participation fee for people living in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom

In case your school already received a KA1 grant, the participation fee is €460.


Apply here:

We will confirm you that we received your application within 3 working days.

If you are still deciding whether now is the right time to attend this training, or you have specific questions about it, you are welcome to call Marko Vlaming, Director of the Olde Vechte Foundation. He is reachable on +31 624 626 705 during working hours (8am till 6pm) Monday to Saturday, and he will gladly answer your questions.

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