Management and language schools

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In addition to the course fees there is a 110 euro registration fee. For prices in pound stirling see our website. There will be no teaching on the final Saturday of the course, but there will be an optional cultural visit.

This practical and interactive course is aimed at professionals involved in ELT management such as language school owners and directors as well as to teachers who are interested in taking administrative positions in their institutions or want to start running their own schools in the future. It is delivered by Dmitry Nikitin, owner of the Dmitry Nikitin School in Yaroslavl, Russia which provides classes to over 1000 students / year at its various branches. Dmitry also has growing business running CPD events and has a strong reputation for excellence in online marketing. He has consulted widely and collected case studies from a wide variety of enterprises in a a variety of countries.

The course starts by analysing the business models of your institutions and then looks at modern theories of organisational structure in order to get ideas on possible improvements for your institution. We’ll go on to explore service design tools which you may use in running language schools more effectively, such as customer avatars, journey maps, service blueprints, etc. Towards the end of the course we will have a close look at creating productive CPD environments at your institutions and launching new products.

All participants will receive a questionnaire before the course to explain their background and interests regarding the course. Dmitry may also contact you directly through Skype. Based on this there may be some variations to content and timetable. See sample timetable below.

Example timetable
The timetable is a sample of the timetable from 2017 but is open to change.

8.45-9.50 10.00-10.50 11.10-12.40 13.15-14.15 Social and cultural visits
Mon Welcome and Introduction Understanding your school structure and business model. Organisational Culture
Creating the habit of language learning
Lincolns Inn, Royal Court and Fleet St
Tues Creating student and customer avatars.
Practical business tools: stakeholder maps, personas, journey maps. Workshop 1. Practical business tools: stakeholder maps, personas, journey maps. Workshop 2. Advanced service design tool overview: Emotional journeys, Ideation and Idea Selection. Evening Dinner

Weds Service Design Basics
Business Tools: Service Blueprint. Workshop 1
Business Tools: Business Service Blueprint. Workshop 2 Service Blueprint. Group Presentations
Hatton Garden and Clerkenwell
Afternoon Tea
Thurs Effective CPD Systems and Product Research
Creating and supporting a CPD environment
Ways of Launching an ELT Product in your institution Best Practices: Presentations
Fri Case Studies: Effective Language Schools Overview. Mastermind Session
Action plans: creating and presenting.
Course Reflection.
Q and A
(end 13.15) Hampstead Heath picnic
Sat Hampton Court Palace and gardens

By the end of this course you will:
• be familiar with different business models for running businesses in ELT;
• have become more aware of your personal ELT management style;
• have learnt and practise using a number of service design tools;
• have studied the concept of customer/student avatars;
• understand the concepts of a “student journey” and a “customer journey”;
• have exchanged management techniques, tips and life hacks with your colleagues;
• have more ideas for creating and running effective CPD environments in your institution.

All participants can receive a Lexical Lab attendance certificate with the course name and number of course hours.

Check it’s the course for you:
I am an owner or manager/DoS of a school or a teacher interested in setting up or managing a school.
I have a B2 / Upper Intermediate level of English or better.
I want to focus on business and management issues.
I want to share my experience of my business and / or get ideas to develop my school.

If it’s not for you:
I am more interested in developing general materials – try Developing Materials or why not combine the two courses.
I am more interested in general teaching or teaching exam classes – try Teaching Lexically.
I am also interested in language development and culture – why not combine with Advanced Language and Culture (July 15th-19th) or English Boost (July 29th to Aug 9th)
We are a group who want a tailored course - contact Andrew Walkley

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