Montessori and Drama in Education Process

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The 21st-century teacher is faced with various pedagogical approaches that can be challenging to apply in the traditional classroom. One of those approaches is Montessori, developed by Italian doctor and educator Maria Montessori. She made extensive research on holistic child's development, and the results were amazing. Montessori Method is based on human development, and the stages of a child's development are crucially important to learning. In this approach, the discovery model is crucially important; when children themselves learn concepts from using the materials. The environment is very important in this approach, as well as learning materials. Participants on the course will get theoretical and practical knowledge about Montessori Method; the lecturer will instruct them on how they can apply Montessori in their classrooms. Participants will compare the traditional approach to the Montessori approach. During the course, we will make an authentic Montessori classroom.

The course is also focused on using drama as a teaching tool in education. Trainees will improve their theoretical knowledge and expertise in the area of drama. They will also have a chance to see and try many different methods and activities suitable for applying role-playing and other various drama activities in the classroom. They will also see how to adapt existing tasks and assignments in a way that they suit the needs of mixed ability classes. They will discuss how to experience and perform different roles. Trainees will also learn how to engage students of different profiles in the education process.
Although the course duration is 10 days, participants will have an option to choose 5 – 7 or 10 days.
Although the course duration is 10 days, participants will have an option to choose 5 or 7 days.

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