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This intensive 1 week course is aimed at professionals who would like to develop teaching methods to include technology in the classroom , school or other learning environments. A wide range of free available technologies is introduced and worked on during the course.
This course is for educators and other professionals who would like to experience for themselves a variety of software and online tools in order to
integrate technology into their Learning Environments, while also brushing up their own use of English. Specialised knowledge is not required except a basic knowledge of using Microsoft Word and using the Internet. Participants need to be at a B1 level of English.
This course is taught interactively, with input sessions, collaborative and group project work. Participants are actively involved in all sessions.
Input sessions are in the form of hands-on workshops and could involve brainstorming, analysis and at times problem-solving.
Sessions help participants set up tools such as Wikis and apply online tools in a scaffolded setting.
Participants are asked to reflect on the tools & activities, inviting discussion with regard to their own knowledge & skills, their approach to teaching
today’s students, and on adaptation of the use of the tools to their teaching & learning situations & contexts.
Exchange of participants’ ICT and pedagogical knowledge is encouraged through discussion.
Participants’ own language skills are developed and feedback given where appropriate.
Participants are also introduced to appropriate websites related to the further development of their teaching skills & personal professional

Course Fee Euro350.00 + Programme Euro100.00 which includes registration fee, social programme ( includes 2 cultural guided tours to Valletta, Malta 's Capital City and Mdina , the Medieval city

Course organiser
ETI -Executive Training Institute
St.Julian's, Malta

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Attended 22.07.2019 - 26.07.2019

Great course, very interesting, useful. I highly recommend the course and ETI. Everything was perfectly organized! Great trainer, competent, helpful staff and management.

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ETI -Executive Training Institute
ETI -Executive Training Institute
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