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Requirements: Intermediate computer proficiency

This course allows teachers to discover the enormous power of the Microsoft 365 platform by uncovering tools and techniques that they can incorporate into their teaching.

The course will cover all the most relevant programs of the Microsoft family: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Sway, Stream, One Note, Teams, One Drive and Share Point.

Although applications such as Word and PowerPoint are already widely used, participants will learn how to harness the more advanced techniques of classic tools. Excel is often vastly underestimated, so teachers will discover how to analyze data in a faster and more effective way, learning how to filter and format spreadsheets, and automate functions with the use of macros.

Sway is a relatively unknown program, and this course will demonstrate how to create impressive interactive presentations for use in the classroom, with a focus on the simple process of sharing them with students and colleagues. In addition to these presentations, Stream allows teachers to create a dynamic video database as a platform to share video lessons and content with students in a more controlled manner.

One Note is an extremely useful tool that allows participants to deliver lessons to their classes in a more interactive way, creating stimulating and interesting content for their students. Teachers will also become familiar with Teams, an application that connects students and colleagues in group conferences, enabling clear and effective communication between separate groups.

The course will also show participants how to use One Drive as a powerful cloud storage space, allowing teachers to access their content everywhere. Finally, it will be revealed how to use SharePoint to create websites for use as a sharing platform for all educational content.

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Course category: ICT

ICT: Today’s teachers have to be familiar with new technologies and digital media not only to understand their students’ world but also to update their way of teaching according to the new needs of their students. Thanks to our courses on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) you will learn how to manage a classroom online or remotely, by exploring the most relevant ICT tools for teaching. You will be able to use various forms of digital content, such as audio platforms, videos, and social media, to communicate with your students.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
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Europass bietet einen Kurs mit dem Namen "Microsoft for Education" an, den ich im August in Dublin besucht habe. Es war der erste dieser Kurse seit Beginn der Pandemie. In den ersten beiden Tagen haben wir uns ausschließlich mit PowerPoint und Word beschäftigt, zwei Anwendungen, in denen ich schon profunde Kenntnisse habe, weshalb ich also in den ersten beiden Tagen nicht wirklich viel Neues gelernt habe. Erst ab Tag 3 haben wir uns mit Excel, Forms, Teams, Sharepoints, Sway befasst, wobei wir uns auf den Umgang mit der Technik beschränkt haben und nicht wirklich konzeptionell gearbeitet haben. Die Frage, wann es Sinn macht, mit welchem Werkzeug zu arbeiten und wie man beispielsweise mit Teams und Sharepoints arbeiten kann, ohne ein Chaos unvorstellbaren Ausmaßes zu erreichen, hätte mich brennend interessiert, doch wurde sie nicht erörtert. Schade war auch, dass Unklarheiten bestanden bezüglich der Beschränkungen, die die Office 365 Suite, die Bildungseinrichtungen kostenlos zur Verfügung steht, und die Vollversionen der Programme unterscheidet. Da an dem Kurs auch zahlreiche Teilnehmer teilnahmen, für die die Arbeit mit Microsoft-Produkten völliges Neuland war, halte ich eine 3 als Bewertung dennoch für angemessen, denn diese Teilnehmer haben sicherlich einen guten und gut strukturierten Einblick in die Programme und Werkzeuge bekommen. Ich selbst bin dennoch nicht ganz zufrieden, da ich mir weit mehr erhofft hatte. Europass hatte den Kurs

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The course “Microsoft for Education: Powerful Tools to Create, Share and Inspire”, which I attended in Dublin, was a great and eye opening experience for me on many levels. Firstly, it offered me the chance to discover the power of the Microsoft 365 platform and the ways in which I can incorporate the tools it contains into my teaching. Although I had some previous knowledge of some of the tools included in the Microsoft Office package, the course and the trainer taught me and my fellow colleagues attending the course, ways in which I can use these tools to make my teaching more efficient and stimulating for my students. For example, in terms of being more efficient in my work I discovered how Excel helps me, especially in the context of online schooling, but not only, to analyze data in a faster and more effective way and to filter and format spreadsheets. In terms of making my lessons more interesting, interactive and stimulating for my students, this course opened my eyes to and taught me how to use tools such as One Note to deliver lessons classes in a more interactive way, Stream in order to create a dynamic video database as a platform to share video lessons and content with students in a more controlled manner and Teams which I can use to connect students and colleagues in group conferences, thus enabling clear and effective communication between separate groups. The trainer also showed us how to use One Drive to manage all of my files from the same place. Regarding my experience with the course and course provider, I could not have asked for a better one. Honestly, being my first such experience in an international environment I was a bit apprehensive at first, but, together with my colleagues I soon got to make the acquaintance of our peers from various European countries, exchange our teaching experience with them.

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The course was about the OFFICE tools for education. It started with basic things, and it provided an overview of the OFFICE portfolio of tools, which, to me, was surprisingly vast and useful. The curricullum included things like word, excel, powerpoint, but also less well known toold like onedrive, teams, sway, or stream. The information the course covered might have seemed overwhelming, but it was the trainer's merit to structure the info in such a way that it followed a logical, coherent approach, thus making it accessible to participants of different levels of computer literacy. The trainer was extremely pleasant and patient, but coherent and thorough in her teaching, which consisted of a good balance between theoretical information and practical activities. Another good aspect which is worth mentioning is the fact that being an international class, it was very nice to know people from different parts of Europe, both for the cultural aspect of such an experience, and for the possibility of future cooperation within the Erasmus+ programme. all things considered, I would say that taking part in this course was a great experience for me, and I hope I can make the most of it in my regular activity, in my teaching, and also in my future Erasmus+ partnerships. I am glad to have had the opportunity to be part of this experience.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
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