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School debates are a rising star in the interests of teachers, and the reasons for this are numerous and clear: debates increase students’ engagement and sensitivity towards delicate issues, and help them acquire new researching skills. However, although this activity always had a space in many schools systems around the world, it is fairly new for the European schools.

This course provides specific tools for teachers to activate, facilitate, and dig deeper into meaningful discussions that lead to learning.

As a participant, you will acquire all the tools to introduce debates in your teaching practice, both as a “stand alone” activity meant to enhance soft skills (such as active listening, researching, empathy, public speaking) and as part of your curriculum. You will learn to energize discussions that will improve student engagement, develop critical thinking skills, and deepen understanding and appreciation for diverse views.

The instructor will provide discussion tools and model exercises to enliven classrooms and ensure that all voices are heard, by demonstrating ways for listening and responding to one another with empathy so that all students’ values and needs are respected. Finally, you will become familiar with creating a lesson plan for a debate, as well as evaluation tools, and you will be able to provide your students with all the tips that they need to excel in their debate! After an intense week of practice—where you will plan, analyze, participate and evaluate debates—you will feel confident in implementing debates and take advantage of all the amazing benefits in your classroom.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
Europass Teacher Academy - Ireland
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