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This wide-ranging course encompasses all aspects of the inclusive classroom, discussing how to manage a multicultural, mixed-ability, diverse classroom including minorities and students with varying educational needs. In the modern classroom it is an essential skill for teachers to be able to identify and deliver unique learning solutions, and to adapt traditional teaching techniques to the needs of their students, ensuring universal access to the curriculum.

The focus of the course will be threefold:
How to shape lessons and the learning environment in order to establish complete equality in access to education for all students, whilst developing a crucial understanding in students of the need for democratic and non-discriminatory values;
How to use simple ICT tools to empower all students in an inclusive environment and also develop their intercultural awareness in the increasingly diverse contemporary classroom;
How to promote collaborative learning and prepare teachers for future European and international projects.

Guided city tours and an excursion will also be part of the programme.

- Learn how to manage a culturally diverse classroom;
- Learn how ensure equal access to the curriculum to students of all abilities;
- Develop an understanding in students of critical modern-day democratic values;
- Use ICT tools to empower students and develop intercultural awareness;
- Promote collaborative learning on international projects;
- Promote schools' European cooperation projects.

Course organiser
Europass Teacher Academy
Florence / Firenze, Italy

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