2 Week Course: Digital Education - Florence

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There is an immense wealth of electronic resources currently available to teachers, which, harnessed properly, can have a hugely beneficial impact on the learning process of their students, making it more efficient, appealing and practical. Participants will acquire mastery of the main open-source authoring tools, which will allow them to design and create their very own learning projects for their students.

Learning Management Systems are already widely considered to be powerful learning tools which can be adapted for various educational purposes in the classroom. Participants will learn how to use LMS to promote collaborative learning in the classroom as well as encourage inclusive education. These tools are highly effective in reaching out to students and fully engaging them in lessons, making the learning more enjoyable and streamlined. They will use the online LMS platform Moodle throughout the course to develop and build their own learning tools.


- Participants will be able to design and develop an online lesson with an open source authoring tool;

- Participants will handle the basic features and functions of Moodle, and design and publish their own learning project in their personal open source Moodle platform.

All our courses in Florence include 2 city guided tours and 1 excursion in Tuscany (usually on a Saturday).

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Europass Teacher Academy
Florence / Firenze, Italy

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