Stress Management in schools

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Stress is an inevitable and necessary -to a degree- component of life. Excessive stress can become a disease promoting agent and constitutes a major health concern today. While some stressors can be avoided and others need to be confronted, in the end, a good balance of stress in one's life can be healthy, and grow promoting in terms of one's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.
Stress coping strategies acquired through experience, vary individually, with some appropriate and successful, and others inappropriate and unsuccessful. Many of these coping strategies, however, are learned during the formative years of development. In essence, how appropriate an individual deals with stressful life events at various stages of development is determined, to a large extent, by what was learned and reinforced during previous developmental stages. It is necessary, then, that timely and effective stress management education be provided and continued during the early stages of development (childhood through adolescence) to insure positive coping responses as adults. Life skills can be taught to assist individuals successfully deal with stressful life events, even before they occur. Successfully coping with stressful events at an early age can minimize the acquisition of unhealthy stress coping responses which could promote illness and disease.

The goal of stress management education is not to shelter educators from stressful situations, but to help them develop the ability to respond to stressful events in a positive, constructive way. Confrontation with stressful situations needs to be encouraged rather than avoided. Through the implementation of a comprehensive stress management education program (life skills approach) it is hoped that individuals will be more adept at coping and handling stressful life events, throughout the life span, due to practice and positive reinforcement of earlier, analogous stress related responses. Our Stress Management Training gives professionals the best tools to control reflex triggers and emotions. They learn how to deactivate stressors occurring in classrooms and built coping resources to solve tough challenges, useful both in professional and personal daily life. The focus will be given to mindfulness technique.

Target Groups
Teachers (preschool, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, careers officers, educational counselors, school psychologists, headteachers, principals, managers of schools.

Methods & Tools
Lectures, exercises, discussions, teamwork, role-playing, study visits.

Day 1
- Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue
- Contact the group members, Build the team spirit
- Information about the Stress Management Course

Day 2
Communication skills :
- Developing skills to understand other People - Active Listening & Empathy
- Listening and questioning and developing a positive environment in the classroom
- Listening skills: Effective interpersonal skills
Emotional Intelligence at class
- Self regulation
- Self motivation
- Social awareness

Day 3
- Self-awareness: Being in the Know
- Types of Personality
- Stress Management approach
- Control situational stress as it occurs
- Develop responses to frequent stress scenarios
- Cut off the escalating spiral of stress, and implement recovery and preventive solutions
- Understanding of how stress works
- Introduction to the cognitive- behavioral approach – how feelings, thoughts, body and behavior response to the stress
- Observation of the inner , personal patterns in stressful conditions
- Introduction to mindfulness
- Practicing breathing
- Self- awareness techniques
Day 4
- Specific stressful events and coping skills (exams, public speaking)
- Support in traumatic experiences (death, looses, accidents, abuse etc)
- Learn how to change the thoughts that drive stress and manage time to reduce pressure
- Practicing in maintaining emotional control
- Relieve tension
- Relaxation techniques in classrooms
- Build resilience, including the use of optimism to buffer the false beliefs and thoughts that drive stress and pessimistic thinking

Day 5
- Study Visits

Day 6
- Self-management skills
- Coping resources
- Smarter work strategies
- Develop the ability to respond to stressful events in a positive, constructive way
- Adept at coping and handling stressful life events
- Personal action plan
- Feedback to the trainer about the effectiveness of the course
- Self- reflection Summary of the tools the team gained to turn stress off
- Increase optimism and positive emotions

Day 7
- Erasmus+ program : objectives, priorities, actions, forms, budget, tips for applicants
- Planning follow up activities, dissemination and exploitation of learning outcomes
- Course Evaluation
- Certifications

Course organiser
Erasmus Learn by Oloklirosi
Heraklion, Greece

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Teilnahme am Kurs "Stressmanagement at schools". Prinzipiell bin ich mit den Erfahrungen, der Organisation und den Inahlten zufrieden. Geplant waren 7 Seminartage, durch die geringe Teilnehmeranzahl blieb es am Ende bei 5 Tagen. Die Hälfte der Zeit arbeitete ich mit einer Psychologin zusammen. Sehr kompetent und überzeugend. Allerdings stand bei der Vermittlung der Inhalte stets das Psychologische Im Zentrum. Die spezifische Komponente des Stressmanagements in Schulen kam leider etwas zu kurz. Dieser Part wurde sehr gut am Seminarsamstag durch einen Menschen der Schulaufischt dargestellt. Gut war der Studienbesuch an einer griechischen Schule sowie der Austausch mit den anderen Teilnehmer*innen.

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My experience with the ErasmusLearn organization course held in Heraklion, Crete on the topic of Stress Management in schools is extremely positive regarding the organization itself, accommodation assistance and the way the topic is presented.

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We are very satisfied with course organizator. They were very cooperative (always replying on our e-mails, answering all our questions). We had all informations before arriving to destination and support during our stay. Even though we were the only two participants in our course (my colleague and I) we met other participants (from other courses) and have some activities together. We had some activities outdoor, went to forest, explore city and had a real greek diner with all participants. We felt good in course, atmosphere was good and we were motivated for learning and developing new skils.

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I am satisfied with the course that I attended because we had very good communications with course provider and with others erasmus participants. We got a lot of informations before we come to course and they were really nice and friendly. We had some activity outdoor, went to forest, had a real greek dinner and explore city. Even though we were only two participants in our course, we met some other participants (from other courses) and have some activities together. We felt really good in course, atmosphere was good and we were motivated for learning and developing new skills.

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Erasmus Learn by Oloklirosi
Erasmus Learn by Oloklirosi
Rating: 4/552 users


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