Essentials of Project Management- Give PLUS to your institution with qualitative standards of PMI ( Madeira))

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Project Managers are tasked to complete projects successfully, efficiently, on time, and within budget. Organizations rely on trained professionals to generate and follow processes to accomplish critical goals. This training course is for individuals and institutions who manage projects on an informal basis or who may be interested in a career path in Project Management and desiring a complete overview of the field and its generally accepted practices.The training course aims at providing participants with the relevant skills to plan, manage and implement European projects in the fields of school education and training. The overall objective of the course is to give the right tools to set-up the international strategy of the school and to boost its European dimension. Also the participants will become familiar with the concepts of traditional project management and may have used the concepts to manage multiple projects (Agile project management.)

Based on formal, informal and non formal learning, our methodology will try to stimulate active participation, pro-activity, responsibility and sharing of problems and thoughts of all participants involved. In this way, we aim to build a diverse and stimulating environment for studying, reflecting and working. It has a horizontal and practical approach and will make use of the following tools:face-to-face lessons, benchmarking,team-building and team-working, best practice casestudies,
project working,practical laboratory,driven simulations,role-play, focus-group, daily
evaluation through self and group assessment. An innovative aspect is given by the fact that all the information can be easily transfered in classroom management

Regional and local authorities;
School/ adult centre management department ;
Teachers & school staff

By the end of the course, each participant should be able to:
-support education centres EU competitiveness through the delivery of ideas, development of technology and processes, and innovative solutions for society's challenges;
-meet and cooperate with colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, engage in cross-cultural learning experience, exchange ideas and good practices.
-build a network for future international cooperation, promote mobility and partnerships in a multicultural environment, contribute to a cohesive society.
- organize and plan the project work for a successful implementation of the project activities and for achieving the expected project’s results.
- organize and manage the project partnership, monitor its work, prevent and address conflicts.
- monitor the project development, assess and evaluate the quality of its outcomes, deal with possible risks.
- create and deliver project reports both for internal and external purposes.
-find solutions to the ongoing challenges of sustainability
- organize and manage the financial and administrative issues of the project, as well as check the eligibility of costs.

The program of the course will be structured according 9 module steps:
Learning outcomes will focus on: HORIZON2020 opportunities. Education and Research portal. Techniques for analyzing programs. Simulations and assessment of your learning. Agile project management- introduction
2. Partnership in projects submitted by other organizations
Learning outcomes will focus on:: the main official and unofficial channels for finding partnerships. How to fill and submit the info sheet of your organization. Examples of ads and profiles. Simulations and assessment.
3. Acquire knowledge preliminary to submitting applications- time steps in submitting projects and filling the application forms
Learning outcomes will focus on:: the structure of application form and of the projects. The possible results of projects. The evaluation criteria. The logical and temporal steps of project writing and submission. Simulations and assessment.
4. Produce effective project ideas and structure them in work packages
Learning outcomes will focus on:: the sources of inspiration for projects ideas. The choice and optimum description of target groups, products and activities. The structure by work packages. Simulations and assessment.
5. Choose the most suitable project partners
Learning outcomes will focus on:: the main official and unofficial channels for finding partners. Evaluation criteria of partners. Criteria for division of tasks among partners. Negotiation with possible partners. Simulations and assessment.
6. Describe in the application form the goal and the impact of your project
Learning outcomes will focus on:: the correspondence between goal of the project and goal and priorities of the program. Criteria for evaluation of the impact. The choice of indicators. The description of the context and of the impact in the application form. Example by an approved project. Simulations and assessment.
7. The management of your project
Learning outcomes will focus on:: tools for cooperation amongst partners. The project meetings. Tools for quality assurance. Goals and indicators for management. The description of the management and quality assurance in the application form. Example by an approved project. Simulations and assessment.
8. Valorization of your project
Learning outcomes will focus on:: the concept and components of valorization: dissemination, exploitation and sustainability. The tools for dissemination. Strategies for exploitation and sustainability. Good practices for involving target groups. Goals and indicators for valorization. Drawing your dissemination and exploitation plan. The description of valorization in the application form. Simulations and assessment.
9. The budget of your project
Learning outcomes will focus on: he structure of the budget in European projects. Main cost categories and principles for budgeting: staff, travel and subsistence, equipment, subcontracting, other costs. Indirect costs, estimated income, financing. The instalments and the financial guarantee. Filling the questions of your application focused on the budget. Simulations and assessment. Course evaluation

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