Supporting Special Educational Needs in Every Classroom

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More and more teachers in Europe face the challenge of how to integrate students with special needs in their mainstream class. This is partly the outcome of a general trend towards accommodating children with special needs in mainstream schools rather than in special school settings. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, signed by all Member States of the European Union, articulates the right of students with special needs to be taught in mainstream education. While this trend is a very welcome and necessary move towards more inclusive education systems, it does provide new challenges to teachers that need to teach more diverse classrooms with more learners with particular needs.

As an overall goal, the Supporting Special Educational Needs in Every Classroom course aims at providing teachers a better understanding of the topic and shows how with simple changes teachers can make their teaching and their classroom more inclusive. Furthermore, it aims to help teachers to identify strategies to get the additional support they need. To that end, course participants will be encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences in order to develop a learning network of peers in similar situations to them.

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