Teachers’ Toolkit for the 21st Century Skills: Hands-on Approach (7 days course in Zagreb)

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The traditional view of schools as places where the transfer or knowledge occurs is changing and their main role in today’s world is not to teach facts but to prepare the students for real life challenges. As Albert Einstein said Education is not the learning of facts, but training of the mind to think. Therefore, this shift requires us to redefine the role of teachers within them and the way learning takes place. The aim of this course is to aid educators to move their classrooms to a more 21st century skill focused environment. Participants will explore various practical ideas connected to learning skills, 4C & Soft skills and how to apply Montessori Approach in education of the future. Learning will occur through active participation and hands-on activities suitable and applicable in different subjects and at various levels. If you are an educator looking for new strategies to empower your students for the real world challenges, this course is for You! More details about the course are available on the course webpage.

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Zagreb, Croatia

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11.12.2022 > 17.12.2022

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