Environment, climate change and human rights

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The course aims to build the environmental awareness of both people involved in education and people with jobs connected with environmental issues, on how to organize educational activities in the nature, both for the benefit of human being and of the nature. Furthermore, as the Netherlands is a front runner in Europe in environment protection and recycling, the country’s related experience, outdoor activities, educational trips, lectures and hands-on workshops will be also included in the course programme.
The course is appropriate for teachers at any level, of any subject head teachers, school inspectors, school counsellors, decision makers in the field of education, trainers, people on the labour market, VET specialists etc. The course is aimed for adult education, therefore it focuses on the development of the participants related competencies and skills (e.g. teaching/training related skills, soft skills etc.)
Each course is unique, as it is adapted to the novelties in education, to the background & level of education the participants teach/train at (in case the participants come from the education area) and/or to the background of the participants (in case the participants come from the labour market or business area). It is also possible that more topics will be combined in each session, in order to create a course adapted to the participants' needs and to the objectives of the projects the participants receive the grant from. In this respect, the title above is a course topic ( the final course title will include the key words mentioned in this title, but it can be more complex).
The course is organized in Assen, the Netherlands, for 7 days, starting on Sunday afternoon and ending on next Saturday, at the lunch time. At request, people having a grant for 5 days can join only the first 5 days of the course, from Sunday afternoon to the next Thursday, at the lunch time.
For logistic and organisational reasons, all the participants will be accommodated in the same hotel chosen by the course organiser, the rooms will be booked by the course organiser and the participants will pay the equivalent amount by using the grant for individual costs received from their National Agencies. The hotel offers the possibility to choose single, double or triple rooms. However, a double or triple rooms can be chosen only if other participants are willing to share double or triple rooms.
All the participants in the training course will have breakfast and lunches together, in the same hotel where they are accommodated and where also the conference rooms are located.
The course fee is the standard amount of 70 Eur per person per day. For organisational costs directly linked with the implementation of mobility activities, as well as monitoring and support during mobility each participant has to pay a fee of 65 Euro for the whole course, amount that will be paid by using the grant received from the NAs for organisational costs.
The course fee and the organisational costs are to be paid by bank transfer, before the course starts, to a limit date established by the course organiser.
The accommodation costs can be paid before the course starts (by bank transfer, in the hotel bank account, based on an invoice received from the hotel) or directly at the hotel reception, at the participants' arrival.
Feedback participants:
"I liked the best the variety of activities outdoor and the ability to immerse in good practice for environmental awareness and also the ability to get familiar with the Dutch environmental factors which are very different to the Maltese and Mediterranean climate. The centre we visited on Tuesday where school children can spend a while investigating and studying nature is an excellent idea. The experience of discovering common ground for good environmental practical initiatives has encouraged me to keep promoting planet conservation and sustainable education for children in schools. Very professional trainers who took excellent care of us. They are very well qualified and well informed and have led this course professionally. It was so pleasant to work in a relaxed, respectful and happy atmosphere!"(Simone Restall, Malta)
"Thanks for the very good organisation of the course and thanks to the excellent trainers. I saw a lot of interesting places and took part in a lot of interesting indoor and outdoor activities. Thank you very much!" (Maria Michvocikova, Slovakia)
"We learned new methods of teaching and had a large experience for good environmental practical initiatives in the Netherlands that encouraged me to promote planet conservation and sustainable education for children in school. I liked the best the variety of activities outdoor and the ability to immerse in good practices for environmental awareness, direct experiences with innovative teaching and more specifically the examples of successful practice which we will never forget." (Paula Datcu, Romania)
"I've learned so many things this week! It's hard to make out just a few. I didn't know that the Netherlands has so much knowledge in how to live sustainable." (Cecilia Malm-Boode, Sweden)
"I've got to know that the Netherlands is in the front line in education for sustainable development. I've learned a lot - good practice in recycling, using volunteering work, giving lessons in non-formal methods in different places - and I improved my English by using it in practice. Thank you!" (Paivi Karttunen, Finland)
"The course was really excellent. I improve my knowledge about environmental and sustainable development. We had many different activities inside and outside and I enjoyed them very well. I'm full of new information and feelings. I met a lot of kindly people." (Olga Kostovcikova, Slovakia)
“This course was a very useful one. All the competencies and skills build during the course represent generally valid human values that each of us must acquire, practice and share with those around us, in order to create a better, more human, more tolerant and tolerable world, more optimistic, because just by going together we will succeed.” (Gabriel- Dumitru Teodorescu, Romania)

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