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Drop out rate in Finland is really low. About 99,4 % of our pupils will go through the basic compulsory education starting their school in age of 7.
Thematic field of the training:
* Finnish and European education system and ways to support drop out kids
* Co-operation with social services
* special support for families and children
* Employment services and ways to get in the schools
* vocational education ways to avoid drop outs
* Safe network
Education sector of the training participants:
- preprimary, primary, general secondary, upper secondary, vocational
Target audience: NORMAL teachers, headteachers/principles, teacher-trainers, Councilors/elected members, special teachers, vocational teachers, curators, psychologists, experts, politicians, voluntary workers

Programme of the training activities (day by day):
Day nro 1: (starting 19:00)
- Welcome to Joensuu. Finnish education system, education in Joensuu. Joensuu as a city of education. Finland as a country and its results in PISA.
Special education in country of participants. Getting to know city of Joensuu, museum of North Karelia.
Day nro 2:
- Early support, Different ways to support early school leaving.
Day nro 3:
- Co-operation with social services. How to avoid drop outs together with other public services (unemployment office etc.)
Day nro 4:
- Presentations of participant projects. Ideas for you and your schools.
Day nro 5:
- Outdoor education day and visiting countryside school.
Day nro. 6: (starting 9:30 AM, closing 13:00 o´clock)
Making international relationships - project ideas together. Course evaluation, certificates, good bye.
(Officially course is over 13.00 PM)
If you take only five days, course fee is 420€.

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Joensuu, Finland

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It was an interesting experience, I saw how to approach the Finnish educational system. I was impressed by the schools I visited, especially by the classrooms, their arrangement and equipment. They focus on the child, as he is, trying to help him cope in life, to learn to be responsible.

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It was a wonderful experience, from which I learned about the Finnish education system, I improved my professional skills, I interacted with other groups. It was interesting, useful, I learned things to apply, to adapt.I also noticed methods and techniques to apply in school, ways to prevent school dropout.

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I had a wonderful experience in Finland. I participated in this course with a lot of curiosity, impatience, and if I were to express my opinion in as few words as possible, that would be that the Erasmus experience is like a story that has no end. You have the chance to assimilate a lot of information, but also adaptability, courage and initiative. It is definitely a plus for everyone who participates. Even if you don't have the chance to be able to complete the research ideas you go with, your eyes will surely open, you will realize what you are competing with on the labor market on a larger scale, plus many other experiences that less of specific technical fields, but more of human interaction.

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