Managing a Diverse Classroom: Facing Upcoming Challenges - Athens

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This course refers to teachers working in diverse classrooms due to the presence of disadvantaged learners, including migrant and immigrant students and children with special educational needs. Diversity challenges traditional teaching strategies and methods imposing the need to successfully manage a common context for all students thanks to innovative solutions.

The course has been tailored for participants who seek to learn more about managing their heterogeneous classrooms effectively by encouraging participation and achievement for all students using the latest inclusive classroom management teaching methods and tools.

Participants will learn more about managing a classroom through experiential learning and will discover case studies that encourage reflection, discussion, and sharing of good practices regarding the challenging issues of the contemporary classroom. Through engaging activities, participants will develop innovative ways to increase motivation and collaboration among students, establish classroom rules, and incorporate pair and group work, as well as preventive and creative classroom management strategies to encourage students to reflect on their own classroom behavior.

*Course sessions of July and August will be offered in Nafplio

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Course category: Classroom Management

Classroom Management: Do you want your students to be more focused in class? Thanks to the new educational techniques (such as the flipped classroom, project-based learning, remote teaching, collaborative learning, student-centered learning) your students will participate in class with more enthusiasm creating a fruitful and healthier classroom environment. In our Classroom Management courses, you will enhance your ability to include students with special needs and motivate everyone. Furthermore, you will have the chance of learning how to manage a multicultural classroom and prevent possible conflicts.

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Die Kursinhalte waren wertvoll und haben mein Wissen ausgebaut. Auch bestand die Möglichkeit zum netzwerken. Die Lehrkraft war sympathisch und besaß gutes Fachwissen. Störend war, dass wir keine Themenübersicht hatten und nicht wussten, was auf uns zukommt. Teilweise hätte ich mir mehr Raum für Diskussionen gewünscht. Die Organisation sowie die Raumsiruation war nicht gut (sehr laut, man konnte teilweise Ein eigenes Wort nicht verstehen, unklar, wo genau das Seminar stattfindet, fehlende Infos und Erreichbarkeit, besonders zu Beginn).

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Europass Teacher Academy - Greece
Europass Teacher Academy - Greece
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