The German Dual System of Vocational Education and Training - Berlin

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During this course, participants will discover the functioning of the dual training system in Germany, an educational system that has been successfully implemented for several years with growing effectiveness.

A dual course of study is a combined educational system that integrates university studies with vocational training or professional practice in companies and enterprises. In contrast to internships and part-time studies, a dual course of study is characterized by the fact that the professional and vocational elements are an integral part of the degree programme.

By the end of this course, participants will have a full understanding of this successful educational method as well as awareness concerning the importance of integrating theory and practice in the educational system.

1) Understand how the dual system works and which are the aims of this educational program;
2) Get a clearer perception concerning the activities and the implementation of the program;
3) Understand how the deployment of the dual system contributes to reduce the unemployment rate and the school dropout;
4) Understand how the collaboration between companies and educational institutions improves the educational skills;
5) How to implement the dual system abroad and how to adapt it to the different educational environments;

All the courses include 1 Berlin Guided Tour and 1 full day Cultural excursion.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Berlin, Germany

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