Inclusive Leadership

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Inclusive leaders embody a leadership approach that appreciates diversity, invites and welcomes everyone’s individual contribution, and encourages full engagement with the processes of decision-making and shaping reality.

Every teacher is a leader, who works with a diverse group of people. In this course we invite you to challenge your own leadership-approach. You will have an opportunity to explore, what inclusive leadership means in your own Environment.

In detail participants will
- gain knowledge on the Inclusive Leadership approach
- learn about the 5 pillow of Inclusive Leadership
- find out about the 4 developing areas: Practicing self-awareness, Living a shared vision, Building relationships and Creating change
- gain knowledge on the stereotypes, the prejudices and the mechanisms of exclusion and stereotyping;
- reinforce the skills to define the inclusive and excluding behaviors;
- reinforce self-awareness, as well as the awareness of the impact they have on other people;
- raising awareness of the stereotypes one have;
- experience the areas of development for an inclusive leadership practice and learn how to apply these in their professional and personal context.

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alp aktvieren von leadership potential
Vienna, Austria

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alp aktvieren von leadership potential
alp aktvieren von leadership potential
Rating: 0/5


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