“We are all Special”: Inclusion and Support to Special Needs Students in and out of the Classroom - Barcelona

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Course Description

This course is designed to offer a deeper understanding of class dynamics, students’ wellbeing, learning success, and family involvement in inclusive schools. “We are all special” reflects the attitude that educators may use in inclusive classes, in order to prevent labeling, isolation, bullying towards special needs or diverse students in general, and that will be the core concept of main activities during the course, where diversity is synonym of understanding, integration and opportunity.

Participants will be given a general introduction to main disabilities such as learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyspraxia), emotional and behavioural disorders (ADHD, ADD, Depression, Bipolar..), intellectual and physical disabilities and impairment, developmental disabilities (Autism). They will also be encouraged to share their experiences and difficulties they may have encountered in their profession.

They will be given a series of hands-on activities to prevent isolation and disruptive behaviours from the beginning of the school year, considering peer interaction and peer support as fundamental elements to build social skills, self-confidence and cope with stress and helplessness.

Participants will also experience effective relaxation techniques, and movement-based activities, to be used with special needs students and the rest of the class.

Finally, participants will be trained in the use of positive and practical strategies to improve an effective communication with parents and the with the rest of the class.

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I have attended the 30-hour Teacher Training course"We are all special"-Inclusion and support to special need students in and out of the classroom" held in Barcelona from the 10th to the 14th of August 2020. The teacher trainer Marta Mandolini was very positive,helpful and experienced. I am very satisfied with the course, the trainer and and course provider. Europass Teacher Academy gave me an awesome opportunity to get new knowledge and feel more confident in my job working with special needs students,their classmates and families.It broadened my horizon and charged me with lots of positive energy to share what I have learnt and experienced with my colleagues in order to make schools a better place for everyone,BECAUSE WE ARE ALL SPECIAL.

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I have attended the one-week course “We are all Special”: Inclusion and Support to Special Needs Students in and out of the Classroom. The course was well led and structured. Our trainer Mrs. Marta Mandolini offered us a rich set of practical ideas to apply in our pedagogical practice. The classes alternated in a balanced way theoretical and practical part. Many useful audiovisual materials on the course topic have been presented and at the same time I was able to share my own pedagogical experience with colleagues from Hungary, Chech Republic and Slovakia - it was the great value of the course held. The training loaded me with many new ideas and practical subtleties to apply in my school work with some of the most vulnerable students - those with special needs. The course provider Europass Teacher Academy secured us for training sessions with excellent working conditions, in addition to the provided working materials, we felt absolutely protected due to the strict observance of hygienic measures against Coronavirus. The course provider offered us guided tours in Barcelona, and the guide was one of our teachers. His passionate and informative talk was in perfect harmony with the presented cultural and historical sites.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Spain
Europass Teacher Academy - Spain
Rating: 5/52 users


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