Successful Strategies for Teaching Students with Special Needs in Every Classroom - Athens

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🚶‍♀️ Activities: A guided city tour and a full-day excursion.

📅 Starting date: Every first Monday of the month.

🏫 Also available in: Florence, Helsinki and Nafplio.

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Course Description

This Erasmus+ course is for teachers working with special educational needs students in mainstream and special education schools. The course has been tailored to meet the needs of teachers by providing teaching and assessment methods, strategies and tools to address the distinctive learning needs of their students. Through case study discussion and sharing of good practices and ICT tools participants will understand and deal with the key challenges of special education including:
• recognizing students` special needs (e.g. autism spectrum, intellectual disabilities)
• identifying and assessing students with special needs (e.g. curriculum-based measurement)
• designing differentiated activities to access general curriculum
• applying teaching methods and strategies (e.g. task analysis, physical guidance) to deliver individual educational plan goals and objectives
• Using ICT tools to support all learners
• Professional and home – school collaboration

By the end of the course, participants will gain a greater insight into issues regarding teaching and learning in special, integration and inclusion settings identifying the barriers and the necessary resources for successfully addressing students’ learning educational needs in effective and functional ways that will promote collaboratively students` participation and achievement within the school community.

All our courses in Athens include a visit in the Acropolis Museum and a three hour walking tour that will give you an insight of the significance of the historic monuments of Acropolis as well as other significant sights of the historic center of Athens including the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Ancient Agora and Plaka.

*Course sessions of July and August will be offered in Nafplio

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