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It is a truth universally acknowledged that teachers should make available activities that are capable of involving students in the learning process. Games and digital tools are terrains which amplify reality and that educators must explore to move in that direction.

Games and technology represent perfect environments to facilitate exploration, having a strong impact on a student’s ability to learn-by-doing and immediate acquisition of knowledge and skills.

While playing and interacting with different forms of reality, students can sometimes learn without even realising it! Fun and engagement are the background on which abilities and understanding are constructed. Theory and practice are smoothly integrated in the process of solving issues within the scope of a game.

By the end of the course, participants will have understood how learning chances, learning reinforcements, stimuli, autonomy, collaboration are part of game-based learning. They will be able to appreciate the pros and cons connected to different techniques. They will be confident in selecting the best game-based activities depending on their teaching goals and their students’ needs.

All our courses in Dublin include a Dublin guided tour and 1 full day cultural excursion in Ireland (usually on Saturday).

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Dublin, Ireland

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Attended 12.08.2019 - 17.08.2019

It has been a fun and enriching adventure during this course. M. Bülent is extremely dynamic and he gave us a lot of tips on introducing games during our classes. The group was very european, from different part, and it was very beneficial also.

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Attended 13.05.2019 - 18.05.2019

"Digital Game-based Learning & Augmented Reality for Schools" was a great training course in Ireland organised by Europass Teacher Academy. 6 teachers from Primary School Nr 8 in Zamość took part in a week course in Ireland. We did some visiting (especially recommended Cliffs of Moher and St Patrick's Cathedral:)), and during the course we got to know useful applications that each teacher can use in the classroom like Quizizz, Quizlet, StudyStack, lyricstraining, Learningapps, GeoGuessr, Gamification, Edpuzzle, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and many more...The course organised by Europass Teacher Academy was really useful and well managed. With the use of new technologies and applications teaching process will surely be more effective and attractive not only for students but for teachers as well. Special thanks to our trainer Bulent Donmez for his patience and guidance. He presented the apps first and asked us to use them guiding us all the time. After finishing the task we shared our work on Edmodo - which is an alternative of facebook. It was a wonderful experience.....

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Attended 13.05.2019 - 18.05.2019

The course was about a subject that interests me deeply: making learning more efficient, with less work for students. For some time now I have been developing new methodologies based on gamification and the course has come to increase my knowledge about this subject and provide me with new resources. Some tools, such as Quizizz and Kahoot !, were already familiar to me, but others such as Quizlet, H5P, Deck Toys, Lyrics Traingi and many others were a complete novelty and seemed to me quite interesting, being very likely to introduce them to my classes. The method used by the trainer was very interesting because he presented the tools and let us use them and share among the different trainees. We also work with virtual and augmented reality tools, although I confess that I seem to have less potential to help students, because the class time will not allow its use in a recurring way. All in all, it was an excellent experience, in a great environment and with an extremely competent trainer.

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Attended 08.04.2019 - 13.04.2019

There were several useful apps for teaching in the second half of the course which are browser based and without VR/AR. We had some time to practice and to discuss the possibilities. The VR/AR apps that we got to know during the first part were made for individual learning and playing and not useful for school. For most of the apps you need a personal google account and that would be a problem with data security rules. The course based on Android systems but there were no information before the course about the OS we would need, so some participants had trouble with their ipads or older Android versions. Anyway we had a good time and it was interesting to discuss the ways of digital tools for school with teachers of different countries.

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Attended 08.04.2019 - 13.04.2019

Parts of this course some apps und programs, I will never be allowed to use in school, because of the strict rules of data security in our state. This could have been considered when planning the course. The course was useful when we got to know apps and programs e.g. quizzis or edpuzzle, we actually will be allowed to use and when we had plenty of time to make our own experience with these apps. Nevertheless it was great to learn what the difference between augmented and virtaul reality and to have time to practice.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Europass Teacher Academy
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