How an effective classroom management can lead to students’ academic performances increase, to early school leaving decrease and to a positive communication environment

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This course has been designed especially for pre-school, primary, secondary teachers of different subjects, but could also be useful for teachers from vocational schools, for teacher trainers and head teachers. The course aims at depicting nowadays major challenges of classroom management and setting out practical ways of managing classroom by presenting alternatives to traditional approaches to classroom management.


to highlight the difference between authority and power in classroom as a starting point for an effective classroom management
to set out the importance of an effective classroom management
to bring forward the role of positive communication in building self-confidence and assertiveness in students
to improve participants’ knowledge and way of dealing with classroom management and communication-related skills
to develop participants’ teamwork skills by setting the frame for working in multinational groups.


Module 1: A brief insight into classroom management major theories; using educational games as tools for effective classroom management
Module 2: Discipline – rules and strategies; preventing/ stopping misbehaviour in classroom; case study – comparative film analysis
Module 3: How to help "difficult" students give up inappropriate behaviour, to increase their level of self-confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness, to improve their academic performances; case study – comparative film analysis
Module 4: Best practice exchange – classroom management strategies
Module 5: Using new technologies and Internet resources in order to make school a more attractive environment for students on the edge of dropping out;

Detailed information regarding the programme and preparation for the course will be sent to granted participants.

For the course period participants will need a laptop or a tablet. For more participants from the same school, one laptop for two people may be possible, too.

Our team will assist the participants with necessary information required to reach destination and to successfully manage within the course period in the new country.

Course fee: EUR 70 per day per participant. We provide both 5 and 7 day sessions. For groups of 5 participants we offer one free of charge place for the courses with available places.

Accommodation, meals, social programme are not included in this price.
For accommodation, we recommend the most convenient possibilities, but the participants are free to choose.
The opportunities to visit the city and the neighbourhood will be introduced to the participants before the beginning of the course.

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