Estonia – one of the best education in Europe (study visit to Estonia)

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Why a training session in Estonia? According to the last PISA results:
• The results of Estonian basic school students are the best in Europe and among the strongest in the entire world.
• Estonia has the least low performers – over twice as little compared with other countries’
• Estonia has very little educational stratification compared with other countries – our educational system is homogenous and egalitarian.

Our goal is to give you a deeper insight of the Estonian education system. With this benchmarking course that will be fully tailored to your needs, we also give you a chance to discover, discuss, share knowledge, exchange ideas and experience the Estonian schools by meeting and observing experts, teachers and pupils. You will learn firsthand how the Estonian education system operates.

Main topics of this course (possible levels - pre-primary, primary, secondary, upper secondary education)

- Student in the center (support systems & the integration of special needs students)
- Teacher in the center (development and support)
- Leadership and management in schools, collaborative management

Given training sessioon could be adapted according to the group`s need (eg. one group from one school).

Course organiser
VIPI Konsultatsioonid OÜ
Tallinn, Estonia

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I am very satisfied with the experience

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The course was about the Estonian Educational System. I visited several schools of different levels where I have had an approach of the different changes in the pedagogy of this country which is at the top positions of PISA reports in the last years. My experience with the course provided was excellent.

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Visiting Estonian schools, meeting with headmasters; participation in activities organized by the trainers of the course: reflexions about each participant school and about different european countries educational systems.

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Il corso era molto strutturato e organizzato nei minimi dettagli. E' stato pienamente corrispondente alle mie aspettative, perché mi ha consentito di conoscere a fondo il sistema educativo estone, attraverso la visita di varie scuole di differenti livelli di istruzione. Mi ha consentito di comprendere il tipo di gestione e di organizzazione delle scuole, oltre le strategie di apprendimento / insegnamento che vengono utilizzate in Estonia.

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VIPI Konsultatsioonid OÜ
VIPI Konsultatsioonid OÜ
Rating: 5/55 users


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