We are what we eat - food as/and cultural heritage

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Food is one of the most fundamental elements in our lifes. In this course we will study and experience multiple aspects: nature and landscape, agriculture and fishery, technology and architecture, health and (traditional) recipes etcetera.

The course will take place in Cilento, Italy. In this region the scholar Ancel Keys defined his fundamental theories about the mediterranean diet, which in 2010 was recognised as Unesco immaterial world heritage.

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Chain foundation
Cilento, Italy

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Attended 07.10.2018 - 13.10.2018

I can recommend this great course, organized by Filomena in Acciaroli, Italy. Brendan describes all the great things we did and saw. It was a super interesting time and very intense. But I can not recommend the company of the “Chain Foundation, Amsterdam NL”: There was no interest in all the course participants, very bad manners and only unpleasant behavior. It is a shame, because – thanks to Filomena - it is a great programme!

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Attended 06.10.2019 - 12.10.2019

This `was an excellent course - well-structured and well-organised, The course dealt with the importance of the "Mediterranean Diet" - a diet using local vegetables, oils, cheese and fish. This diet has been proven to provide many health benefits as well as being good for sustainable production. Participants heard from a local fisherman about the difficulties faced by fisherman due to climate change and over-fishing, They picked olives and learned about the process of olive oil production. They prepared food under the guidance of an expert local chef and they visited the house of the scientist, Ancel Keys, who was instrumental in bringing world recognition to this Mediterranean Diet,

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