Leadership Skills for Teachers 2019

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Communication skills for leadership

The personal qualities of effective leaders

The What, the How and the Why of leadership

Understanding our own motivation as teachers

Understanding what motivates our students

Techniques for realising the potential of our students

Creating a vision for our students

Giving hope to our students

Learning from great leaders

Learning from other leadership paradigms

Course summary

Teachers tend not to think of themselves as leaders but increasingly they are having to play a leadership role in the lives of their pupils and students. In the words of John Adams “A teacher affects eternity: no-one can tell where the influence stops. The word education is from the Latin educare: “the process of drawing out the latent talents of the individual”.

Leadership is exactly the same process and involves the same skill set and personal attributes. This course will draw out your own leadership qualities and therefore enable you to be all the more effective as a teacher. This course also provides a large amount of English practice throughout.

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Canterbury, United Kingdom

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Attended 30.06.2019 - 06.07.2019

A great course that offers a lot in terms of leadership. Participants have a chance to fully understand the learning process and how to manage it best. It is a course for any teacher who wishes to learn to be a better leader and wants to devolop such skills.

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Attended 30.06.2019 - 06.07.2019

A great course if you want something more - not only activities and exercises but a deeper understanding of the teaching and learning processes - which is necessary if you want to lead a group - something what teachers in fact do all the time.

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