How to be a Teacher Trainer 2019

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The course focuses on ways of helping and training teachers. The content will be practically orientated and a ‘reflective’ approach is taken. You will examine the major differences between language teaching and teacher training, investigate different ways of planning and presenting sessions and enhance your "people skills." By the end of the course you will have covered those key areas necessary to feel more confident either to take up a training position or to develop further in your current role. Materials will be partly customised for the group by the main trainer, supplemented by published materials. You will also become familiar with resources like HLT Mag and the Teacher Trainer Journal.

Programme of the training activities
Identify and discuss qualities needed to be an effective teacher trainer.
Plan training sessions that value different learning styles
Heighten your observation skills and provide valuable feedback on teaching
Acknowledge and respond to feedback given to you by others
Listen to people respectfully and communicate sensitively and effectively
How to deal with "difficult people"
An introduction to “Change management”
Relate to and manage teachers on an individual and team basis
Develop teacher autonomy which encourages continuous, self-determined professional development
Maintain and expand your own development as a trainer
Incorporate core elements from "feeder fields," such as NLP, into your training

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Canterbury, United Kingdom

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