Advanced English Update for Teachers 2019

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Teachers who work in non-English speaking countries often find they 'lose touch' with what is appropriate in English or with new developments in the language. They also enjoy and benefit from a ‘brush-up’ of their English in an English speaking environment.
The course is of a highly practical and participatory nature. You will be engaged in and challenged by a variety of fruitful activities. Although principally a language improvement course, many of the approaches you experience on this course will benefit your own teaching. This course also provides a large amount of English practice throughout.

Programme of the training activities
Revisiting and building up lexical & grammatical areas, especially those which cause difficulties
Work on English phonology including sounds, stress, rhythm and intonation
A look at socio-cultural aspects of English and how changes in culture influence changes in the language
Studying English through authentic materials, e.g. newspaper articles, TV programmes, etc.
Using online resources
Building confidence in listening to spoken English, including a wide variety of accents
Building fluency and confidence in spoken English
Learning aspects of English that are traditionally "untaught" such as spoken grammar
‘Language clinic’ in which you can ask questions and have your mistakes corrected
Projects in the English-speaking environment (if the group wishes to do so)

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