ICT in My Classroom: Enhancing Students’ Learning, Collaboration, Motivation and Creativity across the Curriculum

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ICT in a contemporary classroom is more than a source of information. Despite technology is often considered as a barrier for interpersonal relationships, skilled teachers know how to use technology in order to increase peer collaboration (classroom and international), learning motivation and creative thinking. Technology allows students to show independence and builds strong knowledge about a particular topic. Teachers on the other hand are often reluctant towards technology, because they believe it does not fit into their programme, they already juggling to much and they do not have time to learn and use it. This course aims to give teachers the necessary self confidence to integrate ICT in their regular teaching programme. By project work throughout the week they will experience, how they can use ICT tools such as podcasting, social media, movie making, blogging, digital storytelling, e-portfolio, wikis, webquest, tools for collaboration etc. for their own pedagogical activities. In addition, participants will also see how they can increase internationalization of their school using ICT tools for international students’ collaboration.


The main objective of the course is to prepare participants to work effectively with different ICT tools in order to:
- Encourage peer collaboration both classroom and international
- Deepen students’ learning
- Increase learning motivation
- Enable students’ independency
- Inspire students’ creative thinking
By the end of the course participants will have a substantial knowledge of different ICT tools they can integrate into their subjects. They will also practice the use of the ICT tools on their own examples. We will also encourage participants to increase internationalization of their school using ICT tools for international cooperation. The course will show that ICT is fun and easy to use once we get enough self-confidence.


The course is designed as an interactive process with emphasis on project work. After the introduction of a particular ICT tool participants will try the tool on their own example from their subject. The focus is on experiential learning and workshop approach. The participants will also see examples of effective use of ICT in the classroom.


Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue.

Digital competence: this part provides an overview of the reasons for integrating technology in a classroom and addresses teachers’ concerns and needs regarding using ICT tools. Participants will also see some examples of effective use of ICT tools in a classroom.
Bridging the divide: Integrating ICT & new technologies into teaching and education - possibilities, tools & challenges for getting ahead.
Tools for sharing resources: e-portfolio, social media, webquest.
Project work: using ICT tools on participants’ own examples.

Cultural evening.

Connected we stand: building communities, engagement and connectedness digitally. Using emojis.
Social media tools: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, blogging.
Project work: using ICT tools on participants’ own examples.

Collaboration – part I: social classroom on Edmodo.
Project work: using ICT tools on participants’ own examples.
Half day excursion.

Collaboration – part II: Google docs, Padlet, wikis.
International collaboration: eTwinning
Digital storytelling part I: WeVideo.
Project work: using ICT tools on participants’ own examples.

Digital storytelling part II: podcasting, movie making, YouTube.
Challenges in technology: how to communicate ICT tools appropriately and emphasis their educational value.
Project work: using ICT tools on participants’ own examples.

Key learning points. Planning follow up activities, dissemination and implementation of learning outcomes. Discussing possibilities for future cooperation among participants.

* Some changes in the programme are possible. The participants will receive the Informational Booklet a few weeks prior to the start of the course.

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The course was tiring with a lot of content and little time to practice. It was interesting but now, it takes time to assimilate the contents. The subject of the course was ICT in school education, with the focus on interactive apps. It was a very important experience. I had the oportunity to share teaching materials with teachers from other european schools. Primera courses was very professional, everything was very well organized and I had the necessary help in every situations

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The objective of attending the course was to improve the ITC skills using different platforms to develop materials to use in class with students. The course was very useful and was perfectly organized.

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The course made me know a lot about ICT tools. We had a very good relatinoship with our course teacher. The course center took care of the participants and we did not encounter any problems,

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The course was very informative for me. It offered many ICT tools I can integrate into my teaching practice. The trainer explained everything clearly with examples and practice. The course provider was kind and cooperative throughout the whole process. Everything was well-organised.

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The course was very good and productive.

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It was an experience that improved my current knowledge and skills.

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The course content was very instructive and enjoyable. I was satisfied with the course provider.

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it was a nice experience for me. the organization wasn't bad. It would be better if apps could be increased.

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It was a very useful experience for me. The course provider was helpful in every way.

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It was an amazing experience for me. The course was really beneficial and I satisfied with the content. The course provider is perfect. No difficulties encountered while the course period.

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This course gave me the necessary self confidence to integrate ICT in my regular teaching programme. I learned and experienced to use ICT tools such as podcasting, social media, movie making, blogging, digital storytelling, e-portfolio, wikis, webquest, tools for collaboration etc. for my own pedagogical activities. In addition, I also saw how I can increase internationalization of my school using ICT tools for international students’ collaboration. By the way I thank my course provider from the bottom of my heart for never letting me down. From the very beginning of the session till the end I really appreciated the organisation that they've meet us.

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Everything was exellent organized. The trainer, Mr. Alessandro de Gregorio was distinct, patient and polite. Education was usefull for my eveyday job activities. Ms. Tina Skočaj was very kind, always available and did what ever we need. I have only commendation for all who works on this project.

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Der Kurs, den ich besucht habe, hieß "ICT in my classroom". Der Schwerpunkt lag darauf, verschiedene Tools kennenzulernen. Mit Hilfe eines Google- Accounts konnte man sich anmelden und somit die Programme nutzen als auch die Ergebnisse in diesem Account speichern. Neben dem Kennenlernen der Tools haben wir die Tools selbst ausprobiert und uns innerhalb der Gruppe darüber ausgetauscht, wie man diese im Unterricht nutzen und einsetzen kann. Unser Kursleiter hat uns die Inhalte sehr gut vermittelt und somit war der Kurs sehr lehrreich und informativ. Der Kursanbieter war die Primera Group. Die Mitarbeiter haben sich sehr gut um die Belange der Teilnehmer gekümmert und die Organisation war übersichtlich und klar.

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ICT in my classroom: Enhancing student's learning, collaboration, motivation and creativity across the curriculum - Prmera Lublijana I learned many interesting tools for my subjects, for collaboration and organisation: Google Suite for education Mulitimedia Data storage Design priniples of a virtual classroom Cartoons Sound tools Organize with Notion Picture Smart: Graphic design tools Usinge Videos for Educational Purposes Creating Video Presentations Immersive learining: Augmented and Virtual Reality Gamification in education Building websites usefool tools for websites Sometimes I wanted more time to try the tools. Sometimes the presentations of the trainers were too long. The organisation of the course was very good: nice hotel, well organiszed working space, lunches, dinners and sight-seeing tours

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MIt dem Kursanbieter Primera war ich sehr zufrieden. Sowohl im Vorfeld als auch Vorort fühlte ich mich gut betreut. Sowohl was das Organisatorische als auch einen Einblick in den slowenischen "way of life" betrifft. Der Kurs "ICT in my classroom" war sehr umfangreich. Es wurde ein Überblick und zeitweise richtiges Detailwissen vermittelt. Die Vortragenden waren bemüht ein großes Spektrum an digitalen Tools vorzustellen. Für die praktische Anwendung war teilweise zu wenig Zeit. Eine Gruppierung nach Schultyp und welche Programme (Google oder Office365) an den jeweiligen Schulen verwendet werden, wäre hilfreich gewesen. Richtig toll wäre es, wenn dieser Kurs von Vortragenden gehalten werden, die Einblick in die tägliche Praxis des jeweiligen Schultyps haben. Danach sollten die Inhalte des Kurses gestaltet werden.

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Der Kurs bot eine Fülle an kreativen digitalen Tools, die im Unterricht in verschiedenen Schulstufen eingesetzt werden können. Insbesondere wurde auf die Vermittlung von Kenntnissen der Bild- und Videobearbeitung Wert gelegt, wodurch interessante und attraktive neue Möglichkeiten der Stoffvermittlung entstehen. Gerade in Zeiten von Covid sind solche Werkzeuge, aber auch Programme, die bei der Bewahrung des Überblicks helfen, von besonderem Hilfe. Im Kurs haben sich theoretischer Input mit praktischen Anwendungssequenzen abgewechselt. Die organisatorische Abwicklung des Kurses war sehr gut, die zuständige Betreuerin kompetent und sehr flink in der Beantwortung von Fragen. Auch gab es viel Unterstützung bei der Suche nach einer geeigneten Unterkunft, Transfer und auch auf etwaige Ernährungsvorlieben wurde eingegangen.

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