Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles to Learners (children, youths, adults)

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Inspiring healthy lifestyles to students can contribute to a healthier, happier life through greater daily fitness activity, healthier eating habits and emotional well-being. We aim at introducing the idea “Be active, eat healthy and be emotionally balanced”. We believe if students start well, live well and grow up well, the quality of their lives and of society in general, will be enriched. We use stimulating and exciting range of activities and adventures, taking advantage of the environment of Cyprus, to improve teachers’ repertoire of knowledge on how to inspire their students to follow healthy lifestyles in their school and in their daily program, so as to develop healthy habits that will accompany them in their lives.
This course is addressed to teachers of any specialization, anyone who would like to enrich their repertoire of teaching techniques and ideas in inspiring healthy lifestyles to students The course will be based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. In order to conduct the practical modules, there will be study visits to a traditional village, to Cape Gkreko which is located in the South-Eastern coast of the island (by the sea), to a bio-farm or at Troodos Mountain Range. This course is addressed to primary and secondary education teachers of all specialties. Through experiential activities and a variety of pedagogic techniques (e.g. lecture, field visits, laboratory activities) teachers will become acquainted with activities that they can implement to inspire healthy lifestyle habits to their students inside and outside the classroom setting.

Indicative Day-to-day schedule:
Day 1:
- Welcome addressed to the participants by management
- Course outline
- Ice-breaking activities
- Introduction to inspiring healthy lifestyle habits to students
- Why is inspiring healthy lifestyles to students so important nowadays? Current research results
- Sharing practices on the area of inspiring healthy lifestyles to students used in different countries/educational organizations
- Modeling healthy eating habits for students
Day 2:
- Study visit at Cape Gkreko (South-Eastern coast of the island-by the sea)
- Hiking by the coast
- Activities for emotional bonding with nature
- Fitness activities by the sea
Day 3:
- Study visit at a BioFarm
- Best practices used in the BioFarm to produce organic products
- Lecture about the value of herbs and aromatic plants in our health and well-being
- Workshops: making tincture, lipbalm and soap with natural products
- Understanding of how local production- consumption models can contribute to healthy living
Day 4:
- Study visit at a traditional village and connection with local people
- Lecture on the value of Mediterranean Diet
- Participation in cooking traditional food: Cooking with the locals
Day 5:
- Final activities
- Evaluation of the course
- Diploma awarding
NOTE: Dates and Program may be subject to change!

Course organiser
Nicosia, Cyprus

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Inspirowanie zdrowego stylu życia( uczniom, dzieciom, młodzieży, dorosłym) Inspirowanie zdrowego stylu życia uczniów może przyczynić się do zdrowszego, szczęśliwszego życia poprzez większą codzienną aktywność fitness, zdrowsze nawyki żywieniowe i dobre samopoczucie emocjonalne. Oceniam kurs bardzo dobrze pod każdym względem (profesjonalne i merytoryczne podejście do uczestników kursu ,doskonała organizacja logistyczna, miła i sympatyczna atmosfera).

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Kurs bardzo ciekawy, w pełni związany z moją pracą, poszerzył mój warsztat pracy. Organizacja kursu doskonała. Każdy dzień kursu zaplanowany bardzo dobrze. Szkolenia ciekawe, formy szkoleń innowacyjne, środowisko szkoleń zróżnicowane. Instytucja organizująca zaplanowała i przemyślała najmniejsze detale szkolenia. Zdecydowanie polecam.

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