A school for tomorrow – how Finland is preparing for the future

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Society is changing rapidly towards a more digitalised and automated society, so do our economies. Nowadays we don’t even know what competences our children will need for possible future jobs. But we start to realize is that our schools have to change: Our ideas of
education and the way we teach and learn. Mobile devices such as iPads and new pedagogical approaches allow for stronger personalised learning and greater motivation, meeting the social and academic needs of each learner. This course will explore how Finland is facing these challenges and changing their education for a school for tomorrow, that helps to prepare today’s youth for the future.


- How Finland is changing their education system for the 21st Century
- School visits: Gain inspiring ideas and approaches from Finnish schools
- Personalised Learning with Tablets
- Flipped Learning in Finland
- New technologies, apps and online tools to activate your learners
- Content creation apps that will get your learners productive
- Tools to create interactive quizzes and assessments
- Paperless classroom solutions to make your teaching more engaging
- Tips and tricks in tablet usage
- Virtual and Augmented Reality apps that will blow your mind


An iPad or Android tablet (but you can also lend one from us)
An open mind to learn


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atempo/ IncluEdu
Helsinki, Finland

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atempo/ IncluEdu
atempo/ IncluEdu
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