Quantum Spinoff SUMMER COURSE 2015

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Scientific research on the nano scale, and its new technological applications, give a growing impulse to Europe’s entrepreneurship in the high-tech industry. But the connection between modern science and the high-tech applications is far from obvious in present school science. To bridge this gap, to form new generations of scientific literate citizens and to inspire them further to choose for a life in the fascinating field of science and technology, we organise this summer school for teachers. During the summer school we will work hands - and brains - on with real and virtual labs, digital tools, with learning stations introducing concepts of modern phyisics and technology. We will seek educational possibilities to connect school science with nano-research, to show how this is all leading to emerging, sustainable, technologies giving rise to a growing field of entrepreneurship in the nano-industry. It will be shown how creativity and broad sights play an as important role as deep insights in e.g. modern physics. Participants of the summer school will give their vision on how this new method can be used in their class.

Course organiser
Attica, Greece
Entrepreneurship, creativity; Science, maths, geography, environment (STEM)
Key competences
Initiative and entrepreneurship; Maths, science and technology
Target audience
Teachers & school staff: secondary level
420 Euro
Number of participants
Certification on completion


12.07.2015 > 17.07.2015

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Attended 12.07.2015 - 17.07.2015

Buna seara, dupa cum inteleg eu se aplica pe Erasmus+,si echivalentul cursului este 420 euro. Acestia se deconteaza ulterior sau trebuiesc rezervati doar pentru transport. Ne puteti ajuta sa accesam Formularele pentru ERASMUS +, în KA1 "Școala mobilitatea personalului educație",.....? 8. Quantum Spinnoff Scoala de Vara 2015 Data limita fiind 4 martie2015 pina cind trebuiesc timise formularele pentru eligibilitate si unde? Cu toata consideratia, Anghelina Ciotlos

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