Innovative Teaching Methods

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>>Scope: Designing and implementing innovative teaching methods in the classroom: project, role play games, theatre of the oppressed, debate, brainstorming, mind mapping, the ethical dilemma, the field study, community mapping.

>>ECVET points: 3.5

>> Target groups: Staff at all types of education and training organizations (Directors / headmasters, teachers / trainers)

>>Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the training course, the participant is expected to:
-Be able to design lesson plans, using innovative teaching methods: project, role play games, theatre of the oppressed, debate, brainstorming, mind mapping, the ethical dilemma, the field study, community mapping.
-Be able to develop learning content to use in new training methods.
-Implement innovative training methods in classroom, guide and support the students.

>>Methodology: Presentations, examples and case studies, workshops and exercises facilitated by the trainer.

>>Thematic units: The project method, role play games, theatre of the oppressed, debate, brainstorming, mind mapping, the ethical dilemma, the field study, community mapping

>>Learning material: The learning material consists of presentations and support material and will be available on-line in English language.

>>The cost includes the learning material and the certificates: Certificate of completion, Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Mobility

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Piraeus, Chania, Greece

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Attended 05.11.2018 - 09.11.2018

The course was very well organized: all the necessary information was given before as well as during the course. All the planned activities were fulfilled in a professional and timely manner. The organizers were always available for any question/request. Overall, I was very satisfied.

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Thank you Josipa. It was our pleasure to have you here!

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Replied by IDEC S.A. on 14.01.2020 11:28
Attended 08.07.2019 - 12.07.2019

I have enjoyed the course and the cultural activities organized by IDEC very much. The contents of the course were very interesting and the trainers were friendly, supportive, confident and showed a deep knowledge of the topics. The materials given will be very helpul for our classes. The course had a good balance between theory and practice. We played games, took part in interesting discussions and we learnt a lot from the educative system in other European countries. It has been a very enriching experience I highly recommend. Pireus is a great place to stay since it is lively and there are not as many tourists as in Athens. You can easily go to Athens by underground anyway. The organization of the course and the cultural activities was superb. Thank you for making our experience so special.

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Attended 08.07.2019 - 12.07.2019

IDEC's Innovative Teaching Methods was a well organized and structured course, whose lecturers Betty Aggeletaki, Vasileia Vaxevani, and George Valegrakis, skillfully related both theory and practice, in a easy to understand and fun way. Topics such as Debate, Theater in Education, Role Play Games, The Field Study, The Ethical Dilemma, and more were presented in a dynamic way through group and individual activities, taking into account the variety of learning methods of the participants and professional background. The cultural activities were a great bonus to an already valuable experience. Loved meeting, spending time, and exchanging ideas and practice with both program participants, lecturers and staff! Strongly recommend and would love to take part in future training courses.

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Attended 05.11.2018 - 09.11.2018

A well balanced between theory and practice course. Jean Glover, the instructor, inspired us with her comments on our work and her concern about making everybody grow, according to their needs. The host organization was taking care of every detail. The course was well organized and the cultural programme very well chosen.

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Attended 27.08.2018 - 31.08.2018

Our hosts from IDEC were extremely hospitable and kind and they have created for us the most wonderful and relaxing atmosphere. Gean Glover is a lecturer with great skills and the way she interacted with us was magnificent. She paid attention to all the problems, concerns and questions we had and we are truly grateful for this. We were divided into groups and our group was a small and compact one - exactly what worked good for us - we could freely and easily discuss and communicate between us. Next to all this, they were even kind enough to organize a short ICT course for us, which was a pleasant surprise. All and all - a well done job :) Thanks to Xenia, Lila and Olga for everything!

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Attended 29.01.2018 - 02.02.2018

The course is well-planned, involving both theoretical and practical side. Every question that raised, got an answer and the learning environment was encouraging and entertaining. I felt that training center offered me plenty of information before and during the course - everything from course description, cultural activities to where to stay and how to get around etc. Training center and it's employees were all very helpful and nice. I would recommend this course to teachers who want to make learning and teaching experience more richer for both students and for themselves.

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Attended 06.11.2017 - 10.11.2017

As this course has given me new skills and new challenges useful in class, I shall recommend it to other teachers. Thank you, Jean, for interlinking theory and practice thus encouraging participants to take part. Thank you IDEC team for all the great support and for enabling us such a wonderful experience." Olga Trabulo, Agrupamento de Escolas de Ermesinde, Portugal.

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