Entrepreneurial skills for 21st Century

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>> Scope: Cultivate your students’ entrepreneurial, networking and communication skills and competences.

>> Aim: The training course Entrepreneurial skills for 21st century is dealing with methodologies and learning activities for the development of entrepreneurial attitude and skills at school.
The training course is using the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework EntreComp, as a starting point and proposes activities and methodologies for the development of skills in the three different areas of EntreComp: ideas and opportunities, resources, into action.
The content of the course initiated from the European project “New Teachers for New Competences” (Leonardo da Vinci, 2011-2013) and it has been redesigned to fit the EnterComp.

>> Certificates: Certificate of attendance.
Europass Certificate Supplement.
Europass Mobility.

>> ECVET points: 3.5

>> Target groups: Teachers and trainers at primary, secondary and post-secondary education and training organizations.

>> Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the training course, you are expected to be able to:
- induce in your students, the acquisition of a mentality towards creativity, intuition and change within entrepreneurial and corporate contexts and to give them the tools, methods and instruments to implement ideas, to turn them into new products or services, in the frame of a start-up business, and on the development of the personal values needed to deal with uncertainty and change.
- issue to your students, the importance of network and develop techniques for building a network,
- enhance knowledge, skills and competences at all levels of communication and within various contexts.

>>Thematic units:
• Ideas and opportunities
Spotting opportunities, Creativity, Vision, Valuing ideas, Ethical & sustainable thinking
• Resources
Self-awareness and self-efficacy, Motivation and perseverance, Mobilising resources, Financial and economic literacy, Mobilising others
• Into action
Taking the initiative, Planning and management, Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk, Working with others, Learning through experience.

>> Methodology and learning material: The preparation phase includes a learning needs analysis that is being conducted with a standardised questionnaire.
The course is based on EntreComp framework and it uses it as a basis for the development of learning activities for the different skills. The instructor presents proposed activities during the course, the participants develop and exchange their own activities for the development of the skills. The participants reflect on their learning at a daily basis. At the end of the course, the participants leave with their own portfolio of activities, for the development of entrepreneurial skills. The learning material consists of presentations and support material, leaflets and flashcards, in English language.
As a follow up, the participants are invited to join our Facebook group and network with other participants of IDEC courses. The participants of the Facebook group are exchanging ideas and practices regularly and often are asked to join new European projects, based on their interests. IDEC staff will provide all necessary support to facilitate your entry into new European project proposals.

>> Why selecting this course?
Entrepreneurial competences have been recognised by European Union, as one of the eight key skills for lifelong learning and knowledge-based society. That is why the European Commission initiated the development of EntreComp, a European Framework for the development of entrepreneurial skills at any educational and learning context. The intention of European Commission is to use EntreComp as an overall framework that can apply to different needs and contexts, from pre-primary education to advance business education. EntreComp is not restricted to skills for developing a new company, rather it tackles entrepreneurship as a skill for everybody, important to develop new ideas, value ideas, take initiative, get motivated, mobilise resources and finally put the ideas into practice.
The course Entrepreneurial Skills of 21th century is highly innovative and it is the first course that is based on EntreComp and addresses educators and teachers at general and secondary education. The course builds on the vast experience of IDEC in entrepreneurial education.
The course organiser, IDEC is an organization with great experience in European projects, having participated in more than 300 European projects and has cooperated with more than 700 organisations from all over Europe, since the 90s. By joining this course, you will be supported in placing your organisation into the framework of European projects, joining the Facebook group and networking with other course participants.
Last but not least, IDEC will provide to you an unforgettable experience in Greece, with a well-designed cultural programme. You will have the chance to experience the Greek culture, hospitality, gastronomy and social life and spend precious moments with your fellow participants.

>> Indicative programme

Presentation of participants
Expectations from the training
Introduction of content, training methods and material
The EntreComp framework
Entrepreneurship competence areas and progression levels.
Review the day
Cultural activity: Joint dinner (seafood)

Ideas and opportunities
Spotting opportunities
Vision, Valuing ideas
Ethical & sustainable thinking
Review the day
Cultural activity: Walking tour in Athens. Visit to the Acropolis hill, the Parthenon, the Acropolis museum and Athens historic centre.

Self-awareness and self-efficacy
Motivation and perseverance
Mobilising resources
Financial and economic literacy
Mobilising others
Review of the day
Free evening

Into action
Taking the initiative
Planning and management
Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk
Working with others
Learning through experience
Review of the day
Cultural activity: Joint dinner (meat platters) in Athens centre, live Greek music

The EntreComp in different education levels: primary, secondary, vocational and adult education
Practical activities and resources
Review of the competence areas. Each participant will present the point that finds more interesting and more effective for his/her job.
Reflection - evaluation of the training course
Certificates – Europass Mobility
Closure and farewell

Note: The training sessions are being held between 9:00 – 14:00 daily with two coffee breaks. Small adjustments can be made to accommodate the cultural activities and the study visit.

Course organiser
Piraeus, Greece

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Attended 13.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

The course offered a wide range of useful and interesting techniques that represent extraordinary training resources in the lifelong education process. It also represented a great opportunity to interact and to cooperate in order to have the best results ever! A great chance to experience new resources in the teaching process! Best wishes, Nicoleta

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Attended 13.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

The most interesting course through the approach, the techniques used and the content transmitted. The trainer, Betty Aggeletaki, a fine psychologist, adapted the knowledge to each student. Stress control techniques, communication skills and a business plan have helped me discover and wish to have a more open teacher relationship. Bordeeanu Marioara

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Attended 13.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

Only positive points to be scored: trainer experience, course theme, teaching material, course planning and management, organizational leadership and aptitude. Regards Camelia!

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Attended 13.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

Amazing course, due to Betty, the trainer, who had the ability to keep our attention through the methods that he has interacted with us. This course teach us how to work in a team, show us different learning methods and improve our English language. Regards, Daniel

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Attended 13.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

A very interesting course, with very well-structured material and an extremely interesting presentation. Thanks Betty Aggeletaky for professionalism. Thanks to IDEC for course organization and collaboration. We wish you much success! Regards, Elena

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