Project and Competence Based Learning: innovative and effective methods and tools

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1. Become aware of key issues related to Project Based Learning, within the context of cooperative learning, blended learning and flipped classroom
2. Become aware of key issues related to Competence Based Learning, within the context of cooperative learning, blended learning and flipped classroom
3. Understanding, exploring and getting inspired by innovative and effective methods and tools for implementing both educational methodologies
4. Design and develop a concrete educational project based on these methodologies
5. Foster the collaboration, partnership and exchange of experiences and ideas between European schools, teachers and school professionals.

Day 1: Welcome
- Presentation of the course and participants
- Brainstorming and team building
- Key competences and skills for the 21st Century: an interactive introduction
- Cooperative learning, blended learning and flipped classroom in Europe: features, values and best practices

Day 2: Non-formal education for Project and Competence Based Learning
- Project and Competence Based Learning for STEAM through some best-practice non-formal education indoor & outdoor methods and tools: a practical workshop

Day 3: ICT and flipped classroom for Project Based Learning
- Websites, web-wares and apps for teaching and learning: an overview
- Innovative ICT-based, digital and web tools to foster school leadership: a practical workshop
- Collaborative web tools and platforms
- Practical laboratory: step-by-step process and guidance.

Day 4: Problem-solving, decision-making and project design
- Identifying problems, addressing objectives
- Project design and Project Cycle Management (PCM)

Day 5: A new beginning
- Visit to a significant local school and talk with its relevant staff (upon availability)
- Cultural visit of the city centre, together with a professional tour leader
- Planning the follow up: future projects together
- Course evaluation & releasing of official course certifications.

N.B Different periods and venues can be freely chosen by the sending organisation, upon request and after checking our availability.

Total number of hours is 25. Each daily session (average number of hours per day is 5) includes:
• class/lecture/laboratory/workshop
• individual counselling
• daily evaluation.

Leisure activities after the training session can be organised on request.

Based on formal, informal and non-formal education, our methodology will try to stimulate active participation, pro-activity, responsibility and sharing of all participants involved. In this way, we aim to build a diverse and stimulating environment for reflecting, working and learning. It has a horizontal and practical approach and will make use of the following tools:
• interactive lessons
• team-building and team-working
• best practice case-studies
• multimedia and web resources
• project based working
• practical laboratory
• brainstorming and focus-group
• role-play
• self and group assessment and evaluation.

Since this course has several features in common with other courses (as you can check on this platform), sometimes participants will be all together, sometimes with some other participants, sometimes alone, depending on the specific programme. In this way we also intend to foster the cooperation and exchange between them all, as well as the knowledge of other school education systems and practices.

After the confirmation and before starting, we check the previous knowledge and experience of participants, as well as their specific needs related to the topics of our training course. In addition, we will provide some documents and learning contents of our “Library of Methods & Tools” in order to start getting involved in topics and subjects that will be taught.

All participants are expected to maintain access and communication with the rest of their colleagues as well as with the trainer and participate in useful discussions either through the virtual classroom platform and via e-mail. Trainers and company will also be available for any further questions for a period of 5 months after the end of the course, either through e-mail, virtual classroom platform, individual Skype calls, telephone or WhatsApp. By means of all these tools, we aim to get an effective follow-up, to stimulate peer networking, to keep in touch and to share opinions, experiences and practices for unlimited time.

At the end of the course, each participant will be awarded with a certificate of attendance, while the Europass Mobility Certificate will be issued upon request of the sending organisation.

The entire training catalogue is supported by an international team of experts in different branches education and training. The coordinator and main trainer of the event is Alessandro Gariano: founder and manager of Enjoy Italy (see here under); trainer of teachers and for educational organisations (110+ in-services trainings provided, 900+ trainees); youth trainer in the context of non-formal education; project designer, project manager and expert of EU Programmes.

Enjoy Italy is an education&training company aiming to animate, stimulate and support the sustainable development of citizens, territories and communities all around Europe. It has been founded by a dynamic and passionate young professional on few but solid values: responsibility, identity, inclusion, sharing, lifelong learning, civic awareness and sustainability. And a vivid passion for both its land and Europe.

Two are the specific areas of its action:
- Education & Training: provision of tools and opportunities for a professional, social and cultural growth. For responsible citizens and communities. Towards the innovation of European education.
The company provided 150+ in-service trainings to 1200+ teachers and professionals and, in addition, 20+ trainings to 500+ trainees in the context of non-formal education.

- Local Development & Destination Management and: assistance to public and private entities in developing vision and goals, providing advice and services during the entire life cycle of a project. For sustainable destinations.

The company has got some relevant experience in the design and management of different projects within several EU Programmes and Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 in particular, as well as in the education and training field, both at national and international level.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us (check here under). We will be delighted to find out the best solution for you. Together.

• 08-12 January, Rome (IT)
• 13-17 January, Berlin (DE)
• 21-25 January, Marcellinara (IT)
• 28 January-1 February, London (UK)
• 03-07 February, Milan (IT)
• 19-23 February, Barcelona (ES)
• 04-08 March, London (UK)
• 14-18 March, Brussels (BE)
• 19-23 March, Rome (IT)
• 26-30 March, Marcellinara (IT)
• 9-13 April, Milan (IT). N.B.: same dates of the Design Week!
• 14-18 April, Utrecht (NL)
• 29 April-03 May, Naples (IT)
• 06-10 May, Tropea (IT)
• 17-21 May, Brussels (BE)
• 03-07 June, Catanzaro Lido (IT)
• 10-14 June, London (UK)
• 19-23 June, Rome (IT)
• 25-29 June, Helsinki (FI): “English for education" course only
• 30 June-04 July, Helsinki (FI)
• 8-12 July, London (UK)
• 22-26 July, Tropea (IT)
• 29 July-02 Aug, Malta
• 27-31 August, Matera (IT), the European Capital of Culture 2019!
• 4-8 September, Rome (IT)
• 9-13 September, Crete (GR)
• 16-20 September, London (UK)
• 1-5 October, Tropea (IT)
• 9-13 October, Tenerife (ES)
• 15-19 October, Milan (IT)
• 4-8 November, Brussels (BE)
• 10-14 November, Utrecht (NL)
• 16-20 November, Helsinki (FI)
• 22-26 November, Rome (IT)
• 10-14 December, London (UK)
• 17-21 December, Madrid (ES)

For 2020 calendar, please visit our webiste.

Course organiser
Rome, Milan, Naples, Matera, Calabria (Tropea, Marcellinara, Catanzaro Lido)), Italy

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Attended 19.06.2019 - 23.06.2019

The course name is “Project and Competence Based Learning: innovative and effective methods and tools”. The course was well prepared, I learned a lot about the subject.

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Attended 29.04.2019 - 03.05.2019

Many thanks for the experience we’ve had in Naples. We had an amazing experience with our course held by Enjoy Italy in Naples. The course name is “Project and Competence Based Learning: innovative and effective methods and tools” and it offered us lots of practical ideas we will use in our work. Our trainer were experienced teachers and they prepared a wide range of activities. Taking part in this course created an opportunity for meeting teachers from different fields of study and nationalities. At every activity we were invited to share our point of view, to present the existing situation in our educational system and to propose solutions starting from the specific given situation. We’ve identified the significant differences between the educational systems from the participant’s countries but also numerous similarities. Every participant has contributed with his or her experience in accomplishing the good practices examples, in finding some original solutions that can be valued in our activity. Also they were marvelous guides to Naples and the surrounding area making our Italy experience a complete one! We had the possibility to participate in outdoor educational activities: a guided tour of Naples city historic center. The visit on site was accompanied by nonformal activities of learning about Europe’s history and activities that tie this history to the course’s subject. We had the opportunity to visit one schools in Naples, school that are in high demand from both parents and students alike. Liceo Scientifico Statale “Elio Vittorini” of Naples is seen as a school that ensures good quality of education for all the students by using innovative teaching methods and thus being an educational landmark for the community. Truly remarkable are the “Elio Vittorini” school’s facilities, that ensure the needed spaces for every subject taught, such that the students have the opportunity to develop their skills in the field that they themselves have selected. By the lifelong learning opportunity in an European context given by the Erasmus+ Programme, we propose to permanently improve our organization’s scope, to develop ourselves in a competitive school and social environment, highly dynamic and often unpredictable. By transferring the good practices and by assuming the skills needed we will reach an important school desiderate: ensuring the European dimension of education. The project reunion constituted for all the partners an occasion to know the culture and tradition of the Italy people but also to promote our own values and traditions in an international context. The dialogue with the teachers attending the course created the context to establish future collaborations at institutional level. It was great to meet so many nice people and so many wonderful teachers.

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Attended 08.01.2019 - 12.01.2019

It was the course that I expected and so I have learned a lot of new digital resources. At the same time it was also a course where you have to think and apply in the moment. One day was very intense. I would say that it manages to fulfill a lot of different areas, like problem solving situation, how to make a reasonable intervention in your environment, competences, cooperative working tools and ict. And of course knowing better Rome. We were very lucky with Alessandro, that really loves his city, and knows what to show to us. Thank you, Alessandro!

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Attended 28.05.2018 - 01.06.2018

Il corso ha perfettamente soddisfatto le mie aspettative. Sebbene io abbia frequentato parecchi corsi di Euro-progettazione e abbia esperienza in questo settore, ho trovato questo corso molto arricchente e ricco di spunti di riflessione e di studio. La metodologia efficace si è basata sull'uso delle ICT e su lezioni frontali e momenti di lavoro di gruppo, che hanno così rinforzato i contenuti. Alessandro Gariano è molto chiaro nelle spiegazioni e fornisce molto materiale utile. Questo corso è davvero ottimo. Grazie, Alessandro! The training course was perfect for me. Even if I am expert in the field of Eu Project Management, I found this course very effective. Alessandro Gariano gave us a lot of materials and the methodology he used was very very interested. He used frontal lessons , but also cooperative working and virtual space, as TES platform, where he put a lot of information. I suggest this course because it is very very effective. Thank you, Alessandro.

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Attended 27.11.2018 - 01.12.2018

Following our mobility experience on the structured course “Project and Competence Based Learning: innovative and effective methods and tools” we made some team conclusions and would like to share it with You. - Training contents provided: relevance, coherence, quality and transferability potential: The contents provided were of great importance to us in terms of relevance and transferability potential (the contents are usable and adoptable to our classroom), quality (we plan to use many of the tools and ideas in our everyday work since they are clear, simple and make room for creativity). We highlighted the specific parts of the course, which made an impact on the participants in our group: -Web tools for use in the classroom -Problem tree, for development of the project objectives -Informal teaching methods and tools -Web platforms for cooperative learning and exchange of ideas with other practitioners in the field - Training methods and tools used: effectiveness, clarity and quality: Training methods are the usual methods that we are used to in most of our teacher training courses, so we had no difficulty adapting to them. Our team agrees that the effectiveness and the quality of the teaching methods and of the contents delivered was on a high level. - Organisation: timetable and spaces: We believe that the timetable was not overbooked and it was reasonably distributed. Space is very creative and comfortable, however the actual working area could have been larger perhaps. - Communication: efficiency and effectiveness: Communication was professional and clear. We all understood the instructions and tasks, as well as the learning goals set before us. Some of the feedback was not as detailed as we would have liked, since there were many issues to be taught. The course provided us with the opportunity to communicate and share the common issues of European schools. It was also a good opportunity to self-assess the place our school system is standing at the moment, and a driving force for future change.

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Attended 27.11.2018 - 01.12.2018

Thank you Alessandro, it was a great opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries and learn something new and motivating for our further teaching work. There were so much inspiring info in such a short time. And also thanks for an unforgetable night walk through beautiful Rome. I wish you many more satisfied students for your future courses.

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Attended 27.11.2018 - 01.12.2018

Attending this course was a great experience from many points of view! I appreciate the fact that the training contents are new, very well organised and can be trensfered in my everyday teaching activity. The teaching methods and tools were up to date and very clearly exposed. The activities were well scheduled and the working place, (a nice internet cafe from the center of Rome) was a very suitable office, a friendly environment. The communication was good, the trainer, Alessandro, was constantly answering our questions and clarifying any missunderstanding that might have occured. The communication, the teamworkand the exchange of ideeas with the others participants was also very good.

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Attended 24.09.2018 - 28.09.2018

As I expressed already, I was really happy with the course - the wide range of different activities. I hope, that we can transfer into reality as much as possible in our school. As well the timetable was ok. I hope to see you for the cooking workshop in summer 2019! ;) Greetings!

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Attended 02.01.2018 - 06.01.2018

I appreciated a lot the approach and the content of this training. Different things and many "dots" that our trainer helped us to connect. I came back home with new ideas and more enthusiasm! The school visit was very very helpful and well organised. The office and the place itsfelf are also very nice.

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Attended 22.07.2018 - 26.07.2018

The course was very disappointing. I was lucky enough to get two Comenius grants for two high quality training courses, from both of which I obtained a lot of resources, tasks and activities that I have been applying in my lessons for years. Unfortunately, that was not the case with the course “Project and Competence Based Learning: innovative and effective methods and tools”. I just became familiar with three or four learning websites which were new for me; that’s a very poor balance for a course which clearly does not meet the high standards of quality and relevance required for an Erasmus Plus project. In fact, several courses were taught at the same time to seventeen participants by only one teacher. It is almost impossible for a single person to teach several courses of such different subjects (Cultural Heritage, ICT, Project Based Learning, etc), at the same time and the same space with a minimum of depth and rigour. To be honest, many of the points listed in the website programme were mentioned during the course (not all). However, reading a general introduction from a document downloaded from official European educational websites and playing a video for a few minutes does not mean that these points were covered in depth, or that useful and real examples of these new methodologies were provided. On the contrary, it seemed to me as if a checklist of issues had been set (flipped classroom, PBL, etc), and as long as they were mentioned –moving from one topic to the following one with no coherence logical transition between them-, it was assumed that they have been covered. Mentioning or explaining the basics in ten/ fifteen minutes does not equal covering in depth. The premises were equally disappointing, ranging from a co-working space with no air conditioning (who needs that in Rome in July?), to a park or even a private home. No materials were provided; even the certificates of attendance were black and white sheets with no official seal. We were told by our National Agency that diffusion of what we learnt during the course is one of the capital parts of the project. Since I learnt so little from this course, it is going to be hard to put in practice the extensive diffusion strategies that we had planned in our project application.

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Hello Cecilia, thank you very much for your feedback. We will consider it with pleasure and attention in order to improve our services. Here under you find some comments to your words: 1) As I said several times, there was an unexpected and too-late change and we could not find any closer venue. Sorry again for that. But it won't happen again. 2) As for joining some session together with participants of other courses, this is exactly what we scheduled in the programme of these other courses, as you all may see surfing on the portal and on the website. Hence, where is the problem? And this formula also aims to foster the exchange, mutual understanding, team-work and cooperation among participants. 3) Several of the things we explored in the first day, including cooperation and peer learning, were put in practice in the next lessons. Isn't it? 4) Actually there are many things you may report! From the plenty of ICT tools to the plenty of inputs/inspiring features provided in the first lesson. From the problem-solving and project cycle management methods and tools to the plenty of tasks of our non-formal education activity, covering several subjects. 5) Sorry, but at the end of July our schools are closed, apart from some administrative officers working for few hours! We remain at your disposal. Regards Alessandro Gariano

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Replied by ENJOY ITALY on 20.08.2018 19:23
Attended 18.06.2018 - 22.06.2018

Dear Alessandro, Thank you for the training course , I enjoyed it . A lot of information in 5 days . Now I have to work and try everything before I do it in front of the pupils. It was also very interesting to meet the colleagues from so many nationalies.

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