Self-evaluation and documents of Organization

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A successful modern educational establishment must not only be effective in the teaching/learning model but also the way it is managed.
A systematical approach to school management and education is one of the requirements for an effective school. During this course participants are introduced to some tools and some good example schools for building a systematic picture of their organization’s development and mechanisms.
The course has a strong practical focus. Taking part in this course, the participants will understand the key elements and principles related to self-evaluation and will acquire concrete methods and activities for using documents/projects as a Tool in organization developement.
Organization documents as functioning tools for qualitative management
Project leading and the influence for the organization
Tools and methods for self-evaluation

Why a training session in Estonia? According to the last PISA results:
• The results of Estonian basic school students are the best in Europe and among the strongest in the entire world.
• Estonia has the least low performers – over twice as little compared with other countries’
• Estonia has very little educational stratification compared with other countries – our educational system is homogenous and egalitarian.

Day 1: Welcome
- Presentation of the course and participants
- Brainstorming and team-building
- Management and leading: an interactive introduction
- Cultural visit to the city centre

Day 2: Tools and methods
- Introduction and overview of self-evaluation and school documents
- Practical workshops/groupwork
- Preparing for the school visits – questions, focuses

Day 3: Experiences in the practical field - focus on self-evaluation, school documents and projects
- Visit to a local school
- Professional discussions with the staff.
- Workshop to reflect on the school visit

Day 4 Experiences in the practical field - focus on self-evaluation, school documents and projects
- Visit to a local school
- Professional discussions with the staff.
- Workshop to reflect on the second school visit

Day 5 Opportunities for adapting
- Experiences, methods in your organization
- Workshops and presentations to the group by course members.
- Participant reflection, course evaluation and certificates.

Period and venue can be freely chosen by the sending organisation, upon request and after checking our availability.

Based our methodology will stimulate active participation, pro-activity, responsibility and sharing of problems and thoughts of all participants involved. In this way, we aim to build a diverse and stimulating environment for studying, reflecting and working. It has a practical approach.

We ask participants to fulfil a questionnaire in order to let us understand their previous knowledge and experience and their specific needs related to the topics of our training course.

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Our course runs from Monday to Friday and is usually of one weeks' duration.

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Class Times: 09.00 - 16.00

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VIPI Konsultatsioonid OÜ
Tallinn, Estonia

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VIPI Konsultatsioonid OÜ
VIPI Konsultatsioonid OÜ
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