Stress-free schools and classrooms

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Scope of the training is the prevention and management of work-related stress in education and training organizations.

>>ECVET points: 3.5

>>Target groups: Staff at all types of education and training organizations (directors / headmasters, school psychologists, administrative staff, teachers / trainers)

>>Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the training course, the participant is expected to:
-Recognise what work-related stress is
-Understand the effects of work related stress
-Assess stress-related risks -Introduce measures to prevent work-related stress
-Solve work-stress related problems
-Take actions to manage work-related stress
-Promote well-being at workplace for students, teachers and staff

>>Methodology: Presentations, case studies, role play games

>>Thematic units: Introduction, basic concepts, Risk assessment, Prevention / intervention, Evaluation

>>Learning material: The learning material consists of presentations and support material. The learning material will be available on-line in English language.

>>The cost includes the learning material and the certificates: Certificate of completion, Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Mobility.

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Piraeus, Greece

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14.10.2019 > 18.10.2019
16.03.2020 > 20.03.2020

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