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This course has been created for teachers and staff who want to learn more about what Mindfulness is, how it can benefit both their students and themselves, and how it can best be integrated into their schools.

By establishing a firm foundation in their own self-practice throughout the course, participants will learn how Mindfulness can be cultivated in a practical, hands-on way. Course participants will be encouraged to keep a journal of their experiences that will provide insight even after the course has finished, and help motivate them to continue their own practice.

By the end of this course, participants will have established their own Mindfulness practice, having experienced its benefits first-hand. Participants will leave the course with a toolbox of Mindfulness practices that they can use in their classrooms. They will have gained an understanding of how these practices can be adapted to their individual student populations, and how they can be introduced to students unfamiliar with Mindfulness. Finally, they will have a firm grasp of how Mindfulness practices can have a positive effect on their own and their students’ mood, ability to focus, stress levels, and communication.

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Course category: Arts and Wellbeing

Arts and Wellbeing: By practicing innovative techniques that involve art, psychology, and therapy, the participants in our courses of arts and wellbeing will develop their skills in self-expression and stress management. Thanks to creative activities, mindfulness and yoga, educators will learn how to be more relaxed at school and how to promote alternative forms of communication with their students.)

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Europass Teacher Academy - Spain
Barcelona, Spain

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I was very satisfied with the course. Every day was very interesting and I have learned a loty

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The introduction to mindfulness was done very professionally. We got some hands-on activities to carry out in our classrooms and in daily life, which I find the most valuable.

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Brałam udział w kursie Mindfulness for Teachers: a Hands-on Approach organizowanym przez Europass Teacher Academy w Barcelonie. Zajęcia prowadzone były przez fantastyczną trenerkę Martę Mandolini, która nawiązała z nami kontakt jeszcze przed rozpoczęciem zajęć, co było bardzo pomocne podczas ich trwania. Kurs był doskonale zorganizowany, ludzie, z którymi mieliśmy kontakt bardzo otwarci, pomocni i kompetentni. Kurs, instytucję, miejsce i ludzi oceniam bardzo wysoko - pełen profesjonalizm przy jednoczesnym bardzo życzliwym podejściu do uczestników.

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The course was very pleasant, enjoyable and useful. I learned what is Mindfulness and going through many different activities I really experienced its benefit for my well-being. I am planning to continue with my practice in everyday life and I think that will make me more calm and less stressed in my everyday work in school and privately. I learned how those activities can be part of my work with students, how I can be creative in using those activities and how I can adjust them for different occasions and surrounding. I think that my students are going to enjoy those activities and they would be capapble to be more focused and less stressed about their obligations and evaluations of their knowledge. I think that Mindfulness really can empower individuals to overcome everyday stress. Other partcipants were great, we talked a lot and shared our experiences in working in schools. I learned more about other education systems and we exchanged examples of good practice and some creative ideas too. My English also got much better, I emproved my vocabulary and speaking skills a lot.

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Europass Teacher Academy - Spain
Europass Teacher Academy - Spain
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