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The city of Florence – often called the ‘Cradle of the Renaissance’ – is home to some of Western civilization’s greatest works of art and architecture. Let’s travel through the centuries to discover masterpieces by Florence’s praised painters, sculptors, inventors, and theorists – from Giotto to Michelangelo.

Visits to Florence’s museums and basilicas are an integral part of this course.

Topics included in the course:

· Overview of Renaissance art and architecture in Florence and the ‘rebirth’ of beauty, truth, and wisdom;

· Florence’s beginnings, starting with its foundation as a Roman colony;

· The development of humanism and the progressive mindset;

· Early Renaissance in Florence: Masters of the 14th and 15th centuries, from Cimabue to Botticelli;

· The role of patronage in Renaissance art, the Medici family, and the Platonic Academy;

· Late Renaissance in Florence: Art history’s famous competing geniuses, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

· An introduction to Mannerism

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Course category: Arts and Wellbeing

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I studied Renaissance art history and culture in Florence. During the course, I was fully satisfied with the instructor's professional preparation and the organized programs. In addition to the theoretical material, we also visited many museums and Renaissance attractions, so our practical knowledge was also expanded.

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I attended the course "Disvovering Renaissance Art in Florence" and it was a open and friendly atmosphere. The europass-team in Florence was very kind and well organized. I enjoyed my stay there and learned a lot.

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dobrá organizace kursu - časově ,odbornost lektora, jazyková úroveň lektora výborná komunikace s lektorem i Teacher Academy ve Florencii před kursem i během něho přátelská atmosféra ve skupině i Teacher Academy ve florencii jedinečné odborné téma cíleně zaměřené na dějiny umění v dané lokalitě odborný výklad doplněn exkurzemi v muzeích a historických budovách kurs mohu všem vřela doporučit

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The course Reinassance art in Florence provided me with wide knowledge about art and society in the years 1300-1500 in Italy. The lessons were very well coordinated with cultural visits to the most representative artistic places in the city. All this new knowledge can be used as a tool to improve my students foreign language knowledge if applied to specific activities and contexts. The course was well structured and the provider and teacher showed a great knowledge on the topic. They were always ready to help and eager to teach.

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As a Art teacher, boosting my knowledge of the Italian Renaissance was essential to my lessons. The opportunity of exchange teaching experiences with other European teachers is the best way to improve our professional skills. The huge Italian heritage help us to understand the importance of learning and sharing Europeans values trough our students to reinforce the European core. The high quality lectures inspire me to create more practical lessons through innovative methodologies like the visual thinking and the blended learning. Working with small groups of teachers help me to exchange experience and discuss comparing diiferrent National curriculum and their own particular characteristics in order to adapt the most significative strengths to my professional context. To sum up, thanks to the European support, Erasmus plus programs pave the way for a new way of teaching and learning that cross the National borders and boost the European citizenship in a particular complex context like the one are we living today. Common heritage and social cultural partnership is essential to avoid conflicts and open new perspectives of peace and international relations.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Europass Teacher Academy
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