Special Needs in Education

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Creating a proper and supportive learning environment for special needs children presents a true
challenge for educators. It requires a detailed knowledge of how the students´ learning needs should
be addressed and how to support them in their educational path. 
In our course participants learn how to recognize the specifics of students with SEN, gifted students
as well as students with disabilities. Following this, according to their needs, educators plan teaching
and learning strategies. The emphasis is on students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, auditory
processing disorder / visual motor deficit, ADHD and identifying the causes of their difficulty in
mastering school materials and the necessary adjustments.
Technology is continuously improving and teachers can now take advantage of this. There is ICT that
is developed especially for children with special needs. According to the children’s needs, teachers
learn how to identify barriers of the use of digital technologies and how to choose the technology
that suits the students best.
One of the goals of Erasmus+ is sharing of teacher experiences and discussing examples of good
practice. For that reason, teachers analyse and compare examples of inclusion of children with SEN
from different countries’ school systems.
Learning outcomes:
- Learn about an array of disabilities
- Recognize the specifics of students with SEN, gifted students as well as students with
- Develop plans and learning strategies
- Get familiar with the tools used in creating supportive learning environment for special
needs children
- Visit Croatian institutions that work with children with special needs
- Exchange your experiences with other teachers from EU countries
Grow and develop professionally in an international environment, network, build strong relationships
with your colleagues from all over Europe, and explore amazing culture and nature in Croatia’s
beautiful city of Split.
NOTE: If you wish to create a «tailor made» course or a «mix and match» course created from parts
of our courses, please contact us on info@erasmuscoursescroatia.com

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