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Experience insight alternative ways to work, prepare, implement, learn and acquire new abilities and skills to implement in your classes.
Observe different school management strategies and expand your European network.
Visit Portuguese model schools in different educational levels.
Learn about Portuguese educational system. Understand Portuguese growth in Pisa Reports.

Main Contents
- Portuguese Educational System;
- Portuguese Educational Curriculum and grading;
- National Exams and Higher Education Access, how students are prepared and how they work;
- Meet with other professionals in the chosen field (Teacher or staff);
- Class strategies insight and participation on other teacher's classes. Participants choose the subject of their interest;
- Observing and attending lessons that use ICT tools and resources;
- Visiting to other schools and companies;
- Participating in any eventual seminar occurring during the week.

Course methodology
- Brief introduction to Portuguese education, curriculum, grading and national exam systems;
- Participants attend and participate in lessons of chosen subject;
- Participants observe lessons: teaching, studying and learning processes in classrooms in small groups or individually.
- Individually or in groups, participants prepare lessons, using ICT tools or traditional resources;
- Participants share experiences and best practices with school board.

Course fee
The course fee is 380€.
Cultural visits and meals are paid separately;
Algarve cultural visit has the cost of 50€. Participants not willing to join the cultural visit must notify ACJI 15 days before course starts.

The course participants will get a Certificate of participation and a Declaration of Obtained Competences.
The competences acquired will be validated by the course organizers on the Europass mobility. Participants must ask their national agency to issue the Europass (Visit our website Documents – Europass mobility).

Course organiser
ACJ Informática
Loulé, Portugal

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